Keystone Xl Oil Pipeline Already ‘Leaking Like A Sieve’



I challenge Ed Welge’s facts relative to the Keystone XL Pipeline. His source appears to be the TransCanada Web site. There were multiple selections at that site to view safety issues, jobs created, benefits to the U.S. economy.

Actual operation of Keystone XL would generate 35 to 50 permanent jobs, some of which would be filled by Canadians. Construction of the pipeline “might” create up to 2,000 for a year or two. While the pipeline is not a national jobs creator, it would result in a huge new source of climate pollution.

Last May, along a 60-mile stretch of the pipeline in Texas, TransCanada’s contractor was digging up parts of the pipeline buried a few months before, the parts dug up were labeled “anomaly,” “dent” and “weld.” Are these defects in the pipeline? TransCanada is claiming a “devotion to safety,” while using less than effective technology to detect spills. It seems that more than 12,000 barrels a day would have to be spilled before their “technology” would raise an alarm.

The material used in the pipeline is “cheap foreign steel which cracked when workers tried to weld it.” I am quoting from an engineer who tried to tell management at TransCanada of the dangers. He also said he was not surprised to hear about a large spill in North Dakota that spewed tens of thousands of gallons of toxic tar sands oil into neighboring fields. A year after Keystone I was built in Northern U.S., it leaked 12 times due to inferior construction.

Keystone XL Pipeline is planned to cross 1,904 waterways including the Ogallala Aquifer, the largest fresh water source in the country. There are to be 631 water crossings in Texas, some listed as “protected as suppliers of drinking water to more than 10 million people.”

Tar sands oil is the dirtiest oil in the world. Processing the tar sands into crude oil would use a tremendous amount of energy and water, a precious resource not be wasted.

If the information I gathered is correct, the Canadian oil would be sent to the Gulf for refining and exporting. This is contrary to Mr. Welge’s remarks about reducing our oil imports. These refineries are in “Foreign Trade Zones” where oil may be exported without paying U.S. tax.

If the pipeline is to wander across our nation with pipes that are already “leaking like a sieve in its first year,” imagine the damage after moving billions of gallons of corrosive oil across our country. Would you like a nice, clean drink of water or a breath of fresh air? Or would you rather help the oil companies get richer? Write to the president or to the EPA.

Sylvia Freeman


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