Obamacare Has Major Benefits



A major benefit of Obamacare is that pre-existing conditions can no longer prevent insurance coverage. And insurance companies can no longer cancel your insurance when you get sick.

Another benefit is the focus on preventive care. Yearly wellness visits can lead to early detection of serious problems, saving lives and money.

Ms. Carol Waymire


Donald Cline 3 years, 4 months ago

While you may regard those two items as "major benefits" of Obamacare, they are actually two of many features of Obamacare that make it impossible: Someone has to pay for healthcare, and the reason insurance companies typically do not pay for pre-existing conditions is because they can't charge their healthy customers enough in premiums to pay the health care costs of the new customer who hasn't been paying premiums. If they did, no one would buy their insurance. Obamacare just forces everyone to pay whether they need or want healthcare or not, and both limits what health care is available based on age and current health condition (yeah, "death panel") and puts all your private information in the hands of government (just like the NSA's surveillance programs) where any Marxist apparatchik who wants to shut someone up or get them to do something they don't want to do can obtain private information for purposes of blackmailing their victim into compliance. Uh...can you say "Chief Justice Roberts," who made a completely bogus Supreme Court ruling allowing Obamacare one week after Obama had dinner with him? And can you say "Governor Brewer," who stood for Republican principles and Arizona State's Rights and Sovereignty until all of a sudden she wants to expand Medicaid, which is a big step toward Obamacare's destruction of our AHCCCS, and implementation or horrendously expensive Obamacare? And the fact that she twisted every arm in the legislature to get it approved makes it clear she was working for a new boss. Obamacare is a Marxist fraud designed to destroy the best medical care in the world and destroy our economy along with it, and it is being implemented exactly the way Marxists implement their agenda: By force.


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