In The Nick Of Time

Willow tree in ice at Green Valley Park.

Photo by Andy Towle. |

Willow tree in ice at Green Valley Park.


Confession: Sometimes I need prodding. Don’t get me wrong — I love to shoot. It’s like breathing; can’t hold it in for too long. Still, sometimes I get stuck to my chair. But, then, when the editor suggests it might be a good idea to get to the lake and capture that mist before it’s gone, one moves. Good thing too. Look at that shot of the sun peeking around the tree through the warm air rising from the lake, branches sheathed in ice as the sun rises.

I didn’t walk around the lake, I ran. The mist was disappearing that fast. Scrambling from here to there, some shots weren’t working. It upset me. For the sake of this column I won’t repeat what I said.

Fortunately, back in the office reviewing the shots, I found this image. Didn’t even know I had it, the mist just right. But that’s light for you — photons and pixels — strange mix.

Poke me, prod me, push my buttons. But looking at the image now, I’m kicking myself for all the sunrises I’ve missed thinking I was doing something important.

Tech specs: camera: Canon EOS 7D, shutter speed, 1/1250 sec., F-Stop: f/22, ISO: 800, lens: 18-55mm at 28mm


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