Sports Editor Goes On A Guy’S Shopping Trip


I’ve now lived in Star Valley for two and a half months.

So, I’ve had little time to figure out where to shop.

But when my editor ordered everyone on staff to go shopping until they could find a couple of unique, Rim Country treasures — places where people could go Christmas shopping without blowing $50 on a tank of gas.

That’s how I wound up driving around aimlessly, looking for someplace to shop.

To my great surprise (I’m a slouch as a shopper), it didn’t take long to find three great local operations.

Now, being the owner of two rescue dogs adopted from animal shelters, I’m always looking for dog presents — and food. I’d been to three other pet stores in Payson without finding the food they prefer.


AE Pets offers pet supplies, grooming and pets to Rim Country residents.

But when I walked into AE Pets (105 E. Highway 260), I was delighted to find that long-sought brand. And I was impressed with the detailed knowledge of Shannon Long, who has owned the business with his wife, Brooke, for nearly four years. Moreover, the prices are lower than Show Low.

AE Pets also sells pet supplies and pets like puppies, kittens, birds, hamsters, ferrets and other small mammals, as well as both fresh and saltwater fish. And they offer pet grooming. The groomer, Lorrie, has been grooming pets since 1975 and has clients that travel from the Valley to bring their pets to her.

AE Pets has competitive prices and also offers a rewards card for additional savings and bonuses. Stop by or call (928) 474-3070 to see if they have what you need.

Next stop: Radio Shack, to feed my electronics habit. There, David Matthews proved a great resource for anything having to do with TVs, laptops, cameras, GPS devices, video game systems, modems and routers, external hard drives, speakers and all kinds of toys. Of course, you can also find computer accessories, blank CDs, flash drives, card readers, memories cards, ear buds, Bluetooth headsets and most any type of cord or wire. And don’t forget the batteries.

Manager’s Ken Boone and his wife, Lorraine, say remote control helicopters and cars for all skill levels are big this year. Call (928) 472-7248 or drop by. They’re having a big Black Friday sale lasting through Saturday.

Final destination: Computer Guys USA: Hey, just across the street at 300 E. Highway 260 awaited Computer USA. I know, you’re thinking a pet story and two electronics stores. What a list. But think of it as the guy’s perspective — and the predictable result of making the sports editor go shopping.

Computer Guys specializes in computer repair and replacement. It’s a family business owned by Daniel Taft Sr., who also opened a store in Flagstaff last year and plans to open one in the Valley. Operating in Payson for eight years, they moved to the current location about four years ago. Daniel Taft Jr. is the company engineer and his brother, John Taft, the treasurer.

They custom-build computers in the Payson store and offer sales, set up, service and customer support. Repairs are done in the Payson store. Get $100 off all new computers through Dec. 31, with other specials running through mid-January.

John Taft stressed they aren’t selling computers with Windows 8.

“They all have Windows 7,” he said. “We don’t carry Windows 8. It’s incompatible with a zillion things. It’s completely different. If you’re over the age of 55 or 60, you probably won’t understand it.”

The Computer Guys USA, which is also a Dish Satellite TV dealer, is open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday-Friday and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays. Call (928) 468-0000 or stop by the store.


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