Big Weekend Behind Us, More To Come

Another Week in the Creek


Christopher Creek had a lot of activity over last weekend.

The hunters were in evidence, headquartering in the Creek and venturing out to Areas 22 and 23 in search of that six-by-six giant in their scope. But elk season wasn’t the only attraction around.

More than 50 enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast at the community potluck that featured a spread that could have fed an army hosted by the Landmark. As it was, an army of folks passed through town over the weekend with their Christmas tree in the bed of the truck or strapped to the car top. Some folks were here just to get as far away as they could from the shopping madness.

Dez Krieger, at Creekside Tavern, came to the rescue Saturday by spending more than an hour online to get the appropriate network for the ASU-U of A Territorial Cup matchup on TV. About 35 or so fans were captivated by the story that unfolded where the Sun Devils put a whuppin’ on the Tucson team. Not all of the watchers were Devils and the trash-talkin’ started. Armando, the Budweiser salesman from Payson, brought his boys up to watch the game. We can say that even with fellow Devil fans admonishing me not to, at 20-0 in the first quarter we used these three words: DOM IN ATE!

Remember, Stanford-ASU tomorrow on ESPN! The PAC-12 Championship and the Rose Bowl are on the line. That’s not too shabby for second-year coach Todd Graham. In all of this, how many will stop to realize that the Tontozona curse is no longer? Go, Devils!

After the rain delay the weekend before, on Friday and Saturday the crew finally got around to collect the bags of leaves and needles from around town. The total number was nearly 400 bags and that 40-yard roll off was plumb full! When you see them, give a big thank you to Chuck, Mark, Tom, Jake, Paul, Gary and, yeah, me too. Some of the bags had wet debris in them and weighed a ton.

Lights on the Loop are especially spectacular this year. CCHA officers Irma and Chuck bought up some new LED lights. Then Gary and Kyle stepped up at the Landmark, putting up about a bazillion lights, including those that make the wagon wheels spin. And if you’re roaming town on a weekend evening, cruise up by John and Kathy’s place and check out his light show. Good job, everybody!

We sneaked a peek at the progress on Santa’s sleigh — complete with reindeer. In an unprecedented break with tradition, the Jolly Ol’ Elf will arrive at the CCHA Children’s Christmas Party, not by fire truck with horns a-blarin’, but in his own sleigh! Remember that’s at 2 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 14 — and bring your cans of food.

Of course, there’s the Christopher Creek Christmas Carts and Quads Electric Light Parade at 6 p.m. on that same Saturday. Saw Greg Kuntz in town getting his ride decorated. The Gingerbread House is coming in from Colcord. Mitchell and Audrey will be here in the Razr.

Forty years ago, two very young kids from Gas City, Ind. were married. They moved to Arizona, raised two boys, and partnered in a successful business in the Valley. Eighteen years ago they got a place in the Creek and eventually built a home down on Columbine. Over the years they have taken great joy in having the four grandkids visiting, growing up, and enjoying what the Creek area has to offer. Well, last Thursday evening they were off for five days to Mazatlan, Mexico to celebrate their anniversary.

“I didn’t have any money when we were married and we didn’t have a honeymoon, so I would like to try to make it up to her,” explained Dean. Congratulations to Genny and Dean Dodson on their 40 years together!

With all the rain of two weekends ago, a medium-sized ponderosa pine tree came down on the Blake Bottle cabin. Although damage was minimal, there remained the problem of removing the bulk of the tree leaning on the eaves, creating a situation, which, in the vernacular of local woodsman, can only be described as a “widow-maker.” After determining the landing pattern we anticipated for the tree, Blake removed a fence section. The idea was to fall the pine back up the hill from whence it had fallen. With great patience, we guyed and strapped and cabled until we were confident of not causing any more damage to the structure. We attached a long bull-line up high and commenced to pull that thing toward us through the open fence and up the hill. Well, that’s not quite the way it worked out. It was perfect! No one got hurt. No more damage was sustained except to our pride. After all the planning and effort, that tree fell 90 degrees to the landing pattern we had laid out. Blind luck it was and how they get those videos on social media so quickly is beyond me ... and that’s another week in the Creek.


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