Thanks To Veterans


(These letters to veterans were produced by the second grade class of Dorothy de Masi at Payson Elementary School for Veterans Day, but we saved them to acknowledge Pearl Harbor Day.)

Dear Veteran,

I think you are brave because you served in the war. You served our land and you sacrificed your life. Thank you for fighting for our country and for fighting bad guys.

Sincerely, Josh

Dear Veteran,

I think you are brave because you went in the Army and you sacrificed your life for us. You made it so we are not slaves. Thank you that we can go to school and we are in peace. And you made freedom for us. Thank you so much!!!

Sincerely, Aidan

Dear Veterans,

Thanks for keeping our country safe! I’m glad that you weren’t hurt when you were fighting for our country. Do you know someone named Hart from the Payson Hospital? Did you drive the tank or a jet? Well it really doesn’t matter. I like your weapons that you use. Did you have to lift up buckets full of sand? I bet you did.

I want to say something special. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for God.


Dear Veterans,

Thank you for fighting for our country. Thank you for fighting for us. Were you in the Army? I like the Army. You get very strong and are very healthy when you are in the military. Did you ever get to go very fast in a car or airplane?

Your friend, Matt


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