Supervisors Plan January Meeting On Pine Water Issues


Residents who sought to recall the majority of the Pine Straw­berry Water Improvement Dis­trict board are still pushing for an election sooner rather than later.

The PSWID board dissolved with the resignations of Ray Pugel, Gary Lovetro, Ron Calderon, Richard Dickinson and Michael Claxton. The Gila County supervisors then assumed authority over the district.

Since the resignations, members of the recall group and other concerned citizens have attended every meeting and workshop session of the supervisors — at first there were three or four in attendance and at the most recent meeting, Dec. 3, they packed the small Payson hearing room.

Some groused under their breaths whenever District One Supervisor Tommie Martin said something they didn’t agree with; others had outright shouting matches with one another.

Martin has said that things need to calm down in the community before the county takes any permanent action, or the factions will continue the infighting.

Elections officials have said the deadline to have a March election has passed; the next opportunity would be in May.

“We’re ready to step in,” recall committee member Richard James said. “We want an election as soon as possible. To delay until November is unacceptable.”

Martin has tried to schedule a meeting with Pine and Strawberry residents about the PSWID on two different dates, but schedule conflicts have forced changes in those plans.

“The whole board will meet with residents at the regular meeting of the PSWID in January,” she said. That meeting is the third Thursday of the month in the Pine Strawberry Community Center cultural hall.

For more details, contact her office at (928) 474-2029.


Pam Mason 3 years, 1 month ago

It was one grouchy gentleman in his Coldwell Banker jacket that was argumentative and abrasive against other attendees. The recall group are united in their efforts to have an open, transparent and fiscally responsible community PSWID board elected as soon as possible.


Bernice Winandy 3 years, 1 month ago

Is the reporter assuming that all of the people in attendance were from the recall? If this is her assumption, on what facts is this assumption be made? Was an assumption made that all the grousing showed disfavor to what the BOS was saying? Again, what is the factual basis for this assumption? What was the shouting match about? Who started the shouting? Was it just one grouchy gentleman?

Let's not get side tracked. The community needs to know what is being done about the master plan. The community needs to know what is being done about the ADEQ study. The community needs to know what BOS thinks about the $7.5 million bond. The community needs to know if they will have input about the 2014-15 budget. Could we have someone pursue these issues?

I hope we can get some facts.


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