Working Together For All



There are some common sentiments we hear around Rim Country:

• How come our businesses don’t do more together?

• How come our non-profits do a bunch of small events rather than one big one?

• Remember when we did things as a community?

• The most common theme ... How come we can’t all work together?

This is why it’s so critical for everyone to know about and support the ChariTree Event happening right now. Here’s what’s been going on without much fanfare ...

• 24 local businesses (many of whom are competitors) cooperated to sponsor local charities by buying them Christmas trees.

• Those 24 local charities donated the time and energy to beautifully decorate these trees.

• Many of the ornaments were made by local schoolchildren.

Vote for the best tree by donating food. The food will go to the Payson Area Food Drive so it can go to all the local food banks.

Steve Coury Ford in Star Valley agreed to host the event and provide space and electricity at no cost.

Valley Imaging Solutions printed over 2,000 fliers at no cost.

At the event itself, at 3 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 14, we will have donated music from Cinnamon Twist and refreshments from Dimi Espresso, The Sweet Shoppe and The Beverage Place.

Kiwanis of Zane Grey agreed to handle the responsibilities of collecting and distributing contributions.

And the whole project was dreamed up and organized by the Rim Country Business Coalition, representing business members from the Chamber of Commerce, Swiss Village, the Wagon Wheel, Payson PAYS, Main Street and the Pine/Strawberry Business Community.

So, if my math is correct, we are looking at a project that involved a cooperative effort from more than 65 different entities, including participation from Payson, Star Valley, Pine and Strawberry. That shows we, in fact, can work together to help the community at large.

This is the first time we’ve done this project and no matter how it turns out, we are proud to have worked together to try to raise the whole river rather than working separately for individual benefit. Our only goal is to help the community at large. Will it generate as much food as we’d wish for the food banks? Will we raise as much money as we’d like for the charities? That is entirely up to the public. The businesses and charities of Rim Country have come together in a fairly unprecedented effort. This week we shall see how the community responds.

In service,

Chris Walsh, Kiwanis of Zane Grey, Rim Country Business Coalition


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