Frigid Weather Bursting Water Pipes

The Village


Tonto Village has received about three to four inches of snow this past week and it is sticking around awhile because the temperatures have been very low — 30s in the daytime and the teens at night. I hope everyone has taken precautions and insulated their water pipes. There have been reports of water pipes bursting with the freezing temperatures in homes that are occupied year-round. Remember to keep a faucet dripping overnight to ensure that a pipe does not burst and cause a lot of damage.

A big thank you to the Gila County maintenance crews for acting quickly and clearing the road in Tonto Village.

They also cleared the Bear Flat road for the residents. Many of the residents in that area do not have 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Hellsgate Fire Department

Several of the Hellsgate crew put their heads and hearts together for the Electric Light Parade in Payson this past weekend. We put out a department-wide hunt for lights and several of our men, women and families dropped what they were doing and brought in their own lights to help make our float for this year’s parade stand out! Atop the truck was an illuminated “19” to commemorate 19 days before Christmas and a loving reminder of the 19 fallen, but not forgotten, Granite Mountain crew members. This holiday season we really wanted to bring to light what is most important: family, love, and a safe holiday season.

Hellsgate put together a brightly lit fire engine with cargo areas wrapped as giant gifts, dangling stars and much more. We are very proud of our department and all the effort that was put in to make this happen. We are more than coworkers here; we are a family.

Shelby School

On Saturday, Dec. 7 the Shelby School Girl Scout Troop #397 joined neighborhood Troop #633 in singing carols to the residents and staff of the Payson Care Center and The Good Samaritan Society’s Majestic Rim. The other participating troops sang at Rim Country Health and the Powell House. Afterward, spreading lots of Christmas cheer, all the troops went to Payson Elementary School for lunch, dessert and a visit with Santa.

Fund-raiser results

Thank you so much to the community for all your help at the fund-raiser and yard sale for Deborah Sampson.

It was a great success. It brought in just under $4,000 along with the silent auction, which brought in just over $4,000. We will have approximately $8,000 to deposit for the family to assist with Deborah’s care.

Your help on the sale day at the Walmart parking lot in the cold weather was greatly appreciated. Thanks again.


On Dec. 20, Edna Jones will add another candle to her birthday cake. Edna lives in Payson, but she comes to Tonto Village on a regular basis to play dominoes on Wednesday afternoons with the Domino Divas. Edna is a delight to know and manages to give a witty story to the players now and then. Happy birthday to you, Edna.

On Dec. 23, Jan Farmer will celebrate her big day. Jan is known by Village residents who have had to have an X-ray recently. Jan is on hand to assist. Happy birthday to you, Jan.

Ever wonder ...

Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?

Or ... Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour?

Or lastly, why don’t you ever see the headline “Psychic wins lottery”?

Have a great week and remember there are only 11 more shopping days until Christmas.


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