No Doubt About It – Baby, It’S Cold Outside!

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As I’m writing this week’s article, I can’t help but look up and notice how empty our beautiful Green Valley Park is today.


But it shouldn’t surprise me — with daybreak temperatures hovering around 20 degrees, ice crystals shimmering off the park’s matted down, dormant grass blades and chilled water vapor billowing upward into the cloudless, azure blue sunrise, the only movement at the park comes from our feathered winter visitors, which seem oblivious to the frigid conditions around them. Man, woman and child are nowhere to be seen.

Baby, it’s cold outside!

But how stunningly picturesque the colder than normal temperatures and clear skies have transformed our park and lake into a winter wonderland.


Wanting to get a closer look at seasonal beauty, I bundled up and walked the sidewalk around the lake. I saw Canada geese preening just off shore as if it were shorts and sandals weather. I witnessed mallards, coots and widgeons feeding, as usual, on grass shoots, chomping through the hoarfrost, sprinkling their beaks with twinkling glaze. I watched a great blue heron take flight, disappear into the frosty mist, then reappear for a graceful landing farther down the lakeshore.

Thirty minutes outside and I was shivering from head to toe.

Baby, it’s cold outside!

This week’s question

Can you name the actor and actress who sang the song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” in the movie Neptune’s Daughter?

In one of the famous scenes of the 1949 motion picture, this male and female duet find themselves alone, with the female songstress beginning to feel the romantic advances of her partner. Appearing to feel somewhat uncomfortable, but at the same time seeming to enjoy her suitor’s advances, she breaks into song.

I really can’t stay

I’ve got to go away

This evening has been

So very nice

My mother will start to worry

My father will be pacing the floor

So really I’d better scurry

But maybe just a half a drink more

To each reason, to each excuse, the handsome young suitor offers his reasons for the young beauty to stay.

But baby, it’s cold outside

But baby, you’ll freeze out there

It’s up to your knees out there

Think of my lifelong sorrow

If you caught pneumonia and died

Of course, the end of the scene comes at the conclusion of the song and much is left for the viewer’s imagination. (How times have changed.)

This week’s question is: Were the two young Neptune’s Daughter’s stars and co-singers of the movie’s hit song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” A) Ricardo Montalban and Ester Williams, B) Johnny Mercer and Margaret Whiting, B) Dinah Shore and Buddy Clark, or D) Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald?

If you are caller number five and have the correct answer, you’ll win a CD of your favorite artist or genre. Good luck!

Last week’s question

Last week’s question asked if you could name the six-member, San Francisco-based rock band that recorded the 1978 hit “Light the Sky on Fire?”

The choices were A) The Electric Light Orchestra, B) Jefferson Starship, C) Grand Funk Railroad, or D) The David Roehrig Band.

The correct answer was Jefferson Starship.

In 1965, the band was formed by Marty Balin, a member of the early 1960s folk group, the Town Criers. Until the early 1970s, the group was known as Jefferson Airplane, and earned notoriety with its two 1967 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame hits, “Somebody to Love” and “White Rabbit.”

In 1974 and after several group member changes, the group revised its name to Jefferson Starship. For the next 10 years, the band achieved only moderate success, scoring two Top 10 hits with “Miracle” and “Count on Me.”

In the mid-1980s, the group began recording as simply “Starship” and enjoyed its most success. It earned three No. 1 hits with “We Built This City, “Sara” and “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.”

The Electric Light Orchestra was a British orchestral rock band, popular from 1972 until 1986. Its top hit was “Don’t Bring Me Down.”

The Michigan-based hard rock group, Grand Funk Railroad, recorded from 1969-1975 and had two No. 1 hits with “We’re an American Band” and its version of Little Eva’s 1962 hit “The Loco-Motion.”

David Roehrig is Payson Parks & Rec’s special events coordinator. David is not currently in a band, but it’s been rumored that, due to his suave, gravelly, deep-tenor voice, he may be leaving his position to form his own traveling rock band.

Congratulations to last week’s regular caller and three-time music trivia winner, John Gonsalves.

Keep warm!

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