Children Need Public’S Help

More Than a Game


If you’re one of the many people who make Christmas gift lists and cross off the names when you’ve purchased or made a present for that person, here’s a question.

Could you spare a few dollars for one more gift?

Payson High School’s extracurricular activities certainly could use your help.

All the school’s extracurricular activities must be self-supportive beginning next fall. The school faces a huge challenge trying to raise 100 percent of the funds needed to ensure all programs continue. But it’s a challenge that needs to be met.

“We face a challenge and we will pursue every avenue possible in preserving programs for our most valuable resource, our youth,” said PHS athletic director Don Heizer. “We will have to be creative in how we manage funds and opportunities. I believe the community will be there to make sure our students and community are able to benefit from the best opportunities available.”

Athletics enrich the lives of our young people. There are so many positive aspects that sports and being part of a team provide. They build character, teach life lessons and provide a full, well-rounded, high school experience like nothing else can.

A study by the University of Northern Iowa suggests that high school athletic participation is associated with an array of positive outcomes, including high school GPA, college attendance, college completion, adult income and earnings, job quality, and beneficial health behaviors.

The preponderance of the re­search suggests that high school athletic participation provides important and distinctive experiences for young people, and that the lessons learned persist well into adulthood.

The high school’s athletic department is kicking off a drive to raise money for the 2013-14 programs with a Credit for Kids Radio-A-Thon on KMOG from 9 a.m. to noon, Thursday. Listen or call in with questions or input to (928) 474-2427.

To make contributions during the show, call the ERA Young Realty CFK line at (928) 474-4554. Operators will be on duty before, during and after the event. Contributions made by Dec. 31 qualify for a tax credit.

There are several ways to make a donation. In addition to calling before, during or after the Radio-A-Thon, checks may also be mailed to Payson High School, P.O. Box 919, Payson, AZ 85547.

Also, you can go to www.edline. net/pages/MWS and click on Online Bookstore to contribute via credit card.

You may also drop your check and form off at the PHS Bookstore until winter break. Or drop your check and form off at the district office through 4 p.m. on Dec. 31, or drop off at the APS bill drop-off box.

The Arizona Legislature allows single people to donate up to $200 and married couples up to $400 as a tax credit through the Credit for Kids Program. You may donate money to the Payson High athletic program, or to a specific sport. All sports need support and money can be designated for a specific sport or club or for Payson High School Athletics to help fund all activities.

Heizer said the Credit for Kids program is a terrific opportunity for people to make sure their money stays here.

“It’s about jobs in our community,” Heizer said. “If we can keep that money here, it helps fund coaches, it helps fund officials, it helps fund bus drivers, it helps to fund our event workers. There’s just so many jobs that it helps to provide for.

“It’s our opportunity to have control over our tax dollars and make sure that our tax dollars stay in Gila County and we get to spend them locally and we get to determine how they’re spent, rather than sending them to Maricopa County. Once we’ve sent it down to Phoenix and the Legislature, who knows what kind of input we have?

“Not only that, they’re tax dollars that come right back to the taxpayer. As long as you qualify with a tax liability to the state of Arizona, that money comes right back to you when you file your taxes. There’s not a much better win-win situation for the community and a taxpayer than Credit for Kids.”


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