Great Light Displays In The Creek

Another Week in the Creek


The Christmas light displays at Christopher Creek Lodge and the Grey Hackle Lodge were the crown jewels in the Lights on the Loop and made for a dazzling backdrop for this year’s Christmas Carts and Quads Electric Light Parade. The Gift Shoppe at Creekside is decked out as well.


Gary Anderson photo

Santa’s arrival at the Christopher-Kohl’s Fire Department station.

A brisk and breezy evening greeted parade watchers and those in the carts, quads and floats, as well. Floats? Did he say floats? What else would one call a well-festooned, kid-filled outhouse on a trailer and pulled behind a quad? To be fair, they call it the Gingerbread House and it’s really just a shed, not an outhouse — first place again this year. A second float was a boat, all lit up and full of kids and trailered behind another quad. In total, 26 entries lit up the Creek. Starting at Tall Pines Market they traveled up the Loop, around Creekside parking lot, down Columbine, across the carwash and up Apple Lane terminating at the Landmark.

Inside the Landmark, Santa was busy with photo-ops, not only with the kids, but the big kids got into the act too — Santa’s lap may never be the same! Outside the twin campfires were a popular place given the overcrowding inside. BLJ was playing a Christmas music medley and Dennis had the job of announcing the judging. Seven very nice prizes ponied up by local businesses and one or two from the Valley, were awarded to winners and one awarded for weak effort. Poor Chuck, having worked long and hard on the sleigh, suffered generator reluctance when the critical time came and toured the route with no lights and a half-mile behind the parade. Consensus was he could have been in the running to take first prize. Once again, the folks from Colcord Road made a strong showing with numerous parade entrants.

About 50 believers (mostly), both young and old, lined the railing and down the ramp to greet Santa when he arrived at the firehouse by sleigh Saturday afternoon. Inside, more than 20 boys and girls made their plea for leniency and gave the Old Boy their wish lists. We had one or two terrified young ones. One-year-old Olive, after adamantly declining to sit with Santa, stood by transfixed and watched, wide-eyed, as the others got their stockings. She’ll be ready by next year, you can bet. Little Ivy was amazed that the Jolly Ol’ Elf knew her name and John Paul was quite impressed that the Ol’ Guy remembered what he got last year! One of the Colcord kids became quite excited to find out he wasn’t on the “bad” list and called his mother to declare, “Santa said I’m good!” Apparently the young fella had been worrying about his status, according to Patsi. And, finally Pat’s 8-year-old grandson had this man-crush thing going on and was clinging to the Ol’ Boy for dear life. Santa said to thank the elves for their help. So, thank you to Mallory, Morgan, Mariah and those CCHA volunteers for all that they did.

Then it was off to the decorating party up See Canyon way. Although there had to be 80, there was no way to count the number of people in and out, enjoying the sloppy Joes and great food, the campfire and meeting new folks. It’s always a hoot to meet someone new and get the reaction, “Oh, you’re the guy.” There was a mad scramble about 6 p.m. as folks left Dennis and Kelly’s and headed for the Loop to line up for the parade. By the way, kudos to Kelly for another fine spread.

All in all, Saturday was a red-letter day here in the Creek, as described in a comment from a gentleman out at Ponderosa Springs. He said, “You know, it’s a good thing all those people in Phoenix don’t know the secret about all the fun we have up here.” Here, here.

The Christmas celebration at the Chris­topher Creek Bible Fellowship at 10:30 a.m., Sunday, Dec. 22 with services and a Christmas potluck dinner at noon.

We have new folks in town. Over in Hunter Creek, the Carpenters, Don and Debbie, have a new home on Memory Lane. You gotta love the name of that street. We will be seeing more of them as they will be spending most of their time here. Now, while out enjoying one of my very few vices and awaiting Junior to pick me up to go to See Canyon on Saturday, a fella pulled up out front. When meeting and finding out a bit about him, the idea hit me that he must be up to no good ... he just wouldn’t stop smiling. Well, turns out Bob had just got himself a Christmas present; he had just closed on a home up on Friendly Elk on top of the ridge. Bob Trautman and his wife, Dawn, are here from Chicago, via Albuquerque, and will also be here full time. Welcome to the Creek, all!

While we are off to spend Christmas week with Mother in the Valley, a fella who has a cabin up in See Canyon has agreed to share a little story with some relevance to Christopher Creek. It’s a wonderful tale penned in such a way that can only mean Marshall Trimble’s tracks are all over it. So, next week is a Christmas present to Rim Country from Marshall and me. Hey, it was my idea. We hope everybody has a Merry Christmas ... and that’s another week in the Creek!


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