Jre’S Christmas Concert Exclusions Disappointing



Well here it is, the Christmas season again and the time for all schools to celebrate with Christmas programs. When saying this you would think that this would include all children going to school at Julia Randall Elementary, well it did not.

The week of Nov. 25 a notice was sent home from school telling parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. that the JRE’s school Christmas concert would be held on Dec. 11 at Payson High School’s Auditorium.

It stated that there would be two concerts, one with third grade classes and fifth grade chorus. The second concert would be fourth grade classes and fifth grade chorus. As I read further it stated if your fifth-grader was not a member of the chorus he or she would not be allowed to participate in the Christmas program.

Chorus was offered as an after-school program at the beginning of the school year, so the children who, for whatever reason, could not do an after-school program were forgotten about. No one was informed that being in chorus was a prerequisite to being allowed to sing in the Christmas program.

So tell me, how do you explain this to your fifth-grader, after all most of these children have participated in the school’s Christmas programs since kindergarten.

I sent an e-mail to the principal for an explanation thinking that perhaps there might be something I am not aware of as to why these certain students were not allowed to be part of this celebration. According to my granddaughter’s schedule she has music twice a week and I suggested that they teach these kids the words to the songs, let them sing with all their friends, and all would be well. Wrong. I’m assuming that whoever made this decision forgot about how left out these students felt.

No, my granddaughter and I did not go to the concert; instead I took her out to dinner.

Before we know it this school year will be over. I myself would like to know if all fifth-graders will be allowed to participate in their graduation assembly at the end of school.

Elizabeth Emrick


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