Give Our Servicemen And Veterans A Break



This thing about cutting funds for our servicemen and retired veterans is insane when these cuts could have been made in many other areas like the subsidies to millionaire ranchers and farmers, however, there are some who need this.

Then there’s all the green crap where billions have been and are generally being wasted.

The EPA itself is one big waste of funds and the green junk they support. Get with it you jerks in Congress, do the right thing for our vets and servicemen and the disabled ones.

Don’t forget the aid we give to all these other countries, some who don’t even like us.

Get with it Obama — you and your Congress should be ashamed of yourselves for neglecting those who fought and died and the wounded ones.

What have those other countries done for us? Answer — Nothing but trouble.

Show some guts and not your stupidity for a change!

Ed Welge


don evans 3 years, 1 month ago

"Don’t forget the aid we give to all these other countries, some who don’t even like us" Like the $63 BILLION US Taxpayer dollars he is planning to "give" to the International Monetary fund (Bank) So as to bail out his socialist buddy's who have run their National economy's into excessive debt. Programs like Government Medical Care. Sound familiar?


Ronald Hamric 3 years, 1 month ago

It appears that the Feds have chosen to have our veterans and service members (many of who are on food stamps already ) pay, so that the Democrats can "purchase" the Hispanic votes by dumping millions into aid and support for illegal aliens. Come on 2014 and 2016! Simply cannot imagine the damage yet to be done by Presidential fiat before we can stop the carnage, but it appears the ACA (did someone actually use the term "Affordable" in that legislation?) is waking many millions up to the fiasco that has been building over the last several administrations. We are a nation drowning in a sea of debt that our kids and grandkids and their grandkids will be paying for. If your kids are in school, you might want to encourage them to learn Mandarin Chinese. China is holding the IOU on their futures, thank you very much Democrat and Republican Parties. A pox on both your houses.


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