Stop Kudos For Corporations



After reading a recent letter in the Dec. 13 Payson Roundup, I didn’t know whether to laugh or throw up. That an average American could be so ignorant of this country’s history is astounding. Most of his letter contains so many ludicrous statements that I wonder why it was printed.

The writer suffers from modern media syndrome. He must not be aware that literally thousands of newspapers, magazines, and TV and radio stations are owned by six corporations and, in the words of Einstein “will promote the interests of that class only.” Can anyone say Fox News? Rush Limbaugh? These people know nothing but the daily blasting of right wing propaganda and actually believe it; it’s a sad situation.

One thing I am curious about — where did our freedom go? I haven’t noticed any change lately. Could you enlighten me?

I actually rolled on the floor when reading, “that corporations were breaking their necks to pay strong hourly wages, hospitalization and gold lined retirement plans.” Are these the same corporations that employed (until mandated by law to stop) child labor, shooting women and children on the picket line when workers protested pay cuts in the midst of record profits, spending millions fighting any effort to improve safety, working conditions, etc?

Gold lined retirements! Ha! Until the advent of unions, anybody injured on the job was fired immediately. “Go find work elsewhere with your maimed body.” You were discarded like a used Kleenex.

Owners gave and gave until they gave up? If they were so magnanimous then why are they today cutting every wage, benefit and pension they can? If they gave so much up, how could Carnegie retire with a pension of $10,000 a week in 1910?

For the love of God, grab a history book and find out what happened. How did the unions collect fees from everyone? By the way, those are called dues and they created the middle class in this country.

“Competition flooded the USA.” The same has happened in Germany and countless other nations, but these countries take care of their loyal workforce and don’t seek to impoverish them by whiplashing immigrants against them. They allow them a living wage with benefits.

In this country it is a race to the bottom. Only excessive profits matter.

The final laugh was “corporations will be fair.” When will they start? Are these the same people who are routinely fined for dangerous products, hiding profits, hiding their incomes in offshore, foreign banks? The ones who executives are indicted by the score? The bankers who greedily took $800 billion of our tax monies? The CEOs who now routinely make 200 times as much as a worker? Who impoverished an entire class and generation of workers by shipping jobs overseas so that rich people could be richer? There was no competition here. They were making profits then. They just gluttonously wanted more profits. The heck with the workers and their families, we can be richer. They devastated and destroyed the arsenal of democracy so rich shareholders could grow more opulent and spend more months on the Rivera each year.

You are right when you say this is not the nation of the black and white TV era. We must get out of the Reagan, Bush, Bush, Rand, Romney hand out mode of giving everything to the rich. Ordinary people need to live too. Unless you are independently wealthy, stop cheerleading for the rich and corporations.

Leon Chamberlain


don evans 3 years ago

Right on bro! And don't forget to support Obama's plan to "give" 63 Billion USA Taxpayer dollars to the International Monetary Fund to bail out those socialized European Countries that are going bankrupt from their versions of Obama care. And, as for old Rush Limbaugh and Fox News Media, you might want to check why they have the highest Radio and TV ratings and audience of any National media. You should be careful of your accusations of whose really being ignorant.


Ronald Hamric 3 years ago

" Can anyone say Fox News? Rush Limbaugh? " Yes and I can say NPR, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Al Jazeera, Huffington Post, Daily Kos, ACORN, George Soros, Hollywood, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times etc. But what's the point? Your political bias is blinding you to all the culprits. No argument with the "corporate greed". That's a given. But all those wonderful unions seem to have fallen in to disfavor. Why would that be? Possibly due to their greed equal to that of their employers as well? Or their thuggish tactics? I think few who can read the data will argue that the gap between the "haves" and "have not's" has grown in this nation over the last 60 years. But only a fool would look to Washington to resolve these problems. Almost every problem this nation confronts can fairly be laid at the doorstep of Congress and the White House. The political leadership of this nation, regardless of party, has been bought and paid for by Wall Street/Corporate America. Even the US Chamber of Commerce has turned it's back on main street America in favor of illegal immigrants so they can enhance the "bottom line" of their members. Yes, we can clearly see who is at fault, but it seems you need to readjust your blinders or better yet take them off. Your views are as equally skewed, although in the opposite direction, from the person who wrote the post you are finding so humorous. Many of us simply laugh at both arguments for their overt bias.


Ted Paulk 3 years ago

Hang in there Leon... Travis, what the heck does reigning in corporations have to do with Socialism? The only "socialized" thing going on in the USA is the military and the VA a problem with those?


Meria Heller 3 years ago

Great Letter Leon. Now that corporations have been ruled "citizens" thanks to Citizens United and we live under a corporatocracy, it's good to see someone who actually knows what's going on. Corporations care? Ask a Walmart worker if they do.


Rex Hinshaw 3 years ago

Don , Ron , and Travis, Don't even bother with these socialists. As you can see by the very premise of the letter , their solution to opposing views is to try to undermine and silence them. Travis, I thought your response was straight to the point and correct....Mr. Paulk's response makes my point. You said that the corporations that they are complaining about should be reined in. So he attacks and tries to silence. You can't win a discussion or a debate with a socialist. They don't know how....they just attack , undermine with propaganda , and try to silence.


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