Use $63 Billion For America



On Dec. 12, 2013 President Obama’s Treasury Secretary Jack Lew testifying before the Financial Services Committee let it be known that the Obama administration was requesting $63 billion of our (American taxpayers’) money to send to the International Monetary fund to help fund potential bailouts of mostly First World (largely European) countries that have spent their way into major debt problems.

Well, we here in the good old USA also have a major debt problem and I believe the $63 billion would be better used to pay down our own nation’s debt.

I hope my belief is not too bold.

Jim Muhr


don evans 3 years ago

Want to bet the vast majority of those other nations you refer to, have socialized government health care similar to our new Obama care.....Ain't it great?


Ed Smith 3 years ago

The important question is: If the Constitution allows the federal goverment to create it's own interest-free money, why do we borrow our currency from the Federal Reserve at interest?


Meria Heller 3 years ago

Never too bold. The IMF is a disaster to any nation that gets in their debt. With homelessness, unemployment, hunger in America we need to stop sending our tax dollars out of the country. "Charity begins at home".


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