Police Need To Deal With Heroin Problem



“While speeding complaints have remained consistent, data does not show an increase in traffic accidents since Dyer left.”

No increase in traffic accidents, but we’re going to spend our taxpayer dollars and our police officers’ time bothering people that are driving safely, albeit over the limit?

The police in our town could serve the citizens better by doing something about the heroin problem.

Heather Dotson


Ted Paulk 3 years ago

I once was a policeman in Riverton, Wyoming long ago; a city about the size of Payson, we had 13 officers ...and it got mighty boring sometimes when no calls were coming in, so we would run radar in schools zones and other areas similar to Country Club drive, because they were pretty easy targets. The fine was $1.00 per mile over the speed limit plus $4.00 court costs. We wrote a lot of tickets thinking we were helping pay our $500 per month salaries. Now the fines are considerably more, the two officers assigned to ONLY traffic stops are under pressure to write a lot of tickets since that is their only mission. This is not about our safety, this is a money maker for the town and job security for the two officers assigned to traffic stops...beware Paysonites, these guys are from the government and they're here to "help us".


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