Proposed Traffic Circles



Recently I read in Payson Roundup, the Town of Payson road improvements may possibly include four more traffic circles.

Please spare us oh Lord from any more traffic circles in Payson.

Traffic circles are extremely dangerous. I avoid driving through traffic circles because drivers do not obey the signs, stop when they have right of way or drive through yield signs.

It is a crapshoot with traffic circle, at traffic lights there are definite rules and it is safer all around. Please do not install another traffic circle guessing game in Payson putting drivers in jeopardy.

The Road Improvement Committee should talk to the people who work at Home Depot at a traffic circle that is a nightmare to maneuver through. The traffic circle very scary. Never say never, hope someone is listening.

Eva James


Carl Allison 3 years ago

Traffic circles are only as dangerous as the drivers that use them. Payson residents will eventually adapt to using the circles we do have and for them, the circles won't represent too great of a challenge. Non-residents in a hurry to transit through town however, are less likely to be enamored of our traffic circles. That population segment already has trouble with established traffic controls, I wouldn't encourage confusing them further by constructing more circles.

That said, we truly do not need any more traffic circles. The small circles found in neighborhoods are a nuisance, but somewhat tolerable albeit far more costly than stop signs. The plan to introduce more circles along the 87 and 260 corridors won't improve matters any though and the plan for adding a circle at the intersection of Hwy 87 and Hwy 260 is just plain brain-dead. An intersection in Europe with that much traffic would have a circle at least twice the size proposed. There simply isn't the area at the 87/260 intersection to construct a circle that wouldn't hamper rather than improve traffic flow. I've seen some tremendously large specials loads get trucked through that intersection. I doubt that such loads could transit a circle, especially if the circle had landscaping in the center.

I don't personally encourage the construction of any more circles, either on highways or neighborhoods. Unfortunately, the highways are under the auspices of government agencies, not local residents and government being what it is, there may be precious little attention paid to our concerns.


Meria Heller 3 years ago

Big waste of money and people don't understand how to drive around them. Just had that conversation with a visitor from the valley today. This is a waste of money.


Pat Randall 3 years ago

Sit up by Home Depot and watch the big trucks try to get into or out of Home Depot. They have to go up on the curbs. Traffic circles that work are at least twice as large and maybe more than the ones we have. Ours are nothing but traffic hazards. To put one at 260 and 87 is plain insanity. The trucks have a hard time making the turns now and people turn right on red lights and there is no lane for them to go into as there are only two lanes and two lanes turning left with the left turn signal. Smart engineering.
I offered to pay the $90. each for four signs that say no right turns on red light and the Highway Dept. said no. No one had been killed there and not all that many accidents had happened. I have had several near hits there.


H. Wm. Rhea III 3 years ago

I have to agree that a roundabout at the junction of 87/260 would be a nightmare. Look for accidents 24/7 during the tourist season. An overpass would be better than a roundabout to move traffic, not that one of those would be easy to do either. How about alternate routes around town, so that locals won't need to use the 87 or 260.


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