Roofers, Sewers, Physicists — Kids Need Them All

Payson High School volunteer coordinator Julie Boldt works hard to find people willing to help kids.

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Payson High School volunteer coordinator Julie Boldt works hard to find people willing to help kids.


If doing community service or volunteering falls anywhere on your New Year’s resolution list, head on over to Payson High School (PHS).

“Payson High School is looking for energetic and friendly community members — would you like to lend a hand ...?” said Julie Boldt, PHS volunteer coordinator.

She hopes to find volunteers by January to help with a sewing project for Devon Well’s F.A.C.T. life connections class.

“I am currently looking for certain people for our Career and Technical Education Department,” said Boldt.

She said the school also needs help with construction projects.

“If someone with a local construction or roofing company can help, we need a new roof on the concession stand,” she said.

Boldt has worked for the Payson Unified School District (PUSD) for 14 years. She added the volunteer coordinator position to her PUSD resumé just a few months ago with only a districtwide volunteer list. In her short time in the new position, she has signed up more than 40 people to help the high school.

“I just had a gentleman complete a volunteer application, he wants to work with A.P. (advanced placement) kids in engineering, math and science,” Boldt said.

To make finding her easy, she sits in the open office at the entrance of the high school behind attendance secretary Georgia Burnside.

Boldt has a sweet, soft voice, gentle eyes and she constantly compliments anyone she works with.

As she talked about her volunteer position, a substitute teacher walked up to check out for the day.

“Another part of my job is to coordinate with Lorraine Bright (human resources) on substitutes,” said Boldt.

She said all the substitutes are wonderful and she loves working with them, which brought a smile to the employee’s face.

Part of her volunteer coordinator job includes acting as liaison between the district, teachers and volunteers, so her warm and engaging manner make it easy to feel comfortable — a critical component for attracting and keeping volunteers.

“I’m always looking for volunteers and to be my school’s advocate,” said Boldt.

She has worked hard distributing fliers around town and visiting all of the community service organizations.

She said that every student at PHS has a talent, from writing, to sports, acting, to math, animal husbandry to science, so volunteers have a diverse selection of volunteer possibilities.

“I do train volunteers that come in and introduce them to the teacher, too,” said Boldt.

She said the process to become a volunteer is easy.

“Fill out a packet, which includes a background check and get fingerprints with either the Payson Police Department or Gila County sheriff,” said Boldt.

The district picks up the cost to run the background check, but volunteers pay a nominal fee for fingerprints. Boldt said it costs about $5 with the Payson Police and $15 with the sheriff, but that is because one uses ink and the other a digital process.

For more information or to sign up as a volunteer, please contact Julie Boldt at PHS by calling (928) 474-2233 or e-mail:

Or contact the PUSD office at phone (928) 474-2340 or human resources at


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