School Board Giving Away Our Money



The school board recently voted to pay the superintendent $58,000 to basically go fishing, an amount equal to the starting pay of two teachers.


Apparently they no longer want to deal with him. In my opinion this is complete nonsense. The school board is giving away money that belongs to the taxpayers of Payson and the students of Payson Unified. It is not their money to give away so freely.

If the board has a problem dealing with the superintendent they should make him earn his pay by reassigning him to other responsibilities; such as helping with student discipline, sweeping floors to help the underpaid and overworked custodians or help the secretarial staff in the district’s front office.

If they desire to be rid of him so much that they are willing to give him 58 thousand difficult-to-come-by dollars, then the money should come from their own pockets. But then I guess it is always easier to give away money when it belongs to someone else.

Dan Alm, math teacher, retired


H. Wm. Rhea III 3 years ago

They wanted him gone and so do I. The difference is in the why. I think that someone better is out there. They want him gone as not to have a reminder and possibly a witness around, of the shenanigans they've pulled. And buying his contract out might be standard operating procedure, but it stinks to give him the money just to make him go away.

Anyhow, now lets work on getting a responsible school board.


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