Who Put The Tutus On The Monkeys?


This sounds like one of those tricky logic questions on some Common Core curriculum standardized test.

Certain members of the Payson School Board basically drove off outgoing Superintendent Ron Hitchcock because they didn’t want to take his advice on running the district.

So now that they’ve bamboozled him into quitting in a huff, they say they need an interim superintendent to tell them how they should be running the district for the couple of months they’re looking for a new superintendent to run the district.

We keep puzzling over this little exercise in board logic.

Somehow, the more times we read the question, the more befuddled we get: If three monkeys, in three box cars, ride for 300 miles at 30 miles an hour — how far would two monkeys in tutus go in two hours?

Hmmm. Gotta read that again. Nope: Still don’t get it.

Mind you, the board a year ago insisted on writing into Student Achievement Director Brenda Case’s contract a provision that said she oughta fill in as superintendent in a pinch. This situation strikes us as pretty pinchy.

Now, we had our doubts about hiring a new, high-salary administrator back when the board brought on Case, seeing as how they’d just gotten done laying off teachers and increasing class sizes. But seems like they could get their money’s worth after all if they just have her step in for the rest of the semester. After all, probably wouldn’t hurt saving that interim superintendent salary seeing as how they rushed Hitchcock out the door with a tidy little $58,000 contract buyout.

Besides, seems like hiring an interim superintendent will only make everyone in the district scramble to adjust to the new temporary superintendent — then do it all over again in June when the real deal shows up.

We’re just not following the logic here.

But maybe we’re thick. Heck, we never understood the logic in making kids change school sites every two or three years, which the board accepted when it juggled all the grades after closing Frontier Elementary School.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have Case run the place while we’re looking for a permanent superintendent? Might seem like an imposition, given her paltry $93,000 salary — but heck, we all gotta sacrifice for the common good. Right?

In the meantime, the board can maybe even draw up a train schedule or something — or at least figure out who put the tutus on the two monkeys.


H. Wm. Rhea III 3 years ago

I don't often agree with the Roundup's liberal attitude, but I agree that the School Board is not making much sense. It's time to get some new, proven people from the community who know how to make common sense decisions because the members we've had of late, seem devoid of common sense in every category: Fiscal standards, Educational standards and personnel standards.


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