Is Co2 Really That Bad?



The European Union Parliament just approved a bill that limits the use of bio fuels for use in cars, trucks and other vehicles. Such fuels will be limited to 6 percent for all vehicles. Another provision of the bill provides 2.5 percent of bio fuels blended for all vehicles must come from non-food sources. It’s interesting to see the EU Parliament understand the negative impacts of turning food into bio fuels. Unfortunately the EPA and the Obama administration have done nothing to address the same problem in this country.

It’s interesting to note that Obama chose energy for Gina McCarthy to be the new EPA chief. She claims that co2 and other greenhouse gasses endanger public health. It’s also interesting to note that the former EPA chief and other regulations and scientists found that ethanol worsens air quality more than regular gasoline. A study found that gasoline containing ethanol carried VOC emissions and increased smog by 45 percent when compared to gasoline.

Co2 has proven to be a good gas. Where co2 levels are high, plants produce more and areas with marginal rainfall such as Nebraska (one of our largest corn producing states) are much better able to withstand drought when the ambient co2 levels are higher. Again co2 is a good gas, without it there would be no life of people, animals and plants to feed us all. The earth would be dead.

The Obama administration and the EPA were going to raise the ethanol requirement in gasoline to 15 percent; however a spokesman from Congress and oil and gas producers’ complaining has caused Obama and the EPA to lower their mandated amounts of ethanol from 15 percent to below 10 percent. They (EPA) are now looking into the reduction of ethanol, this minor EPA concession is a sign that bio fuels mandate will be less erroneous next year. If ethanol is the mandated fuel, why must its use be mandated? The effect of quotas has been to raise gas prices and make food more expensive as corn is used as fuel rather than food.

Studies also show no net reductions on even an increase in greenhouse gas emissions from corn ethanol. Approximately 40 percent corn production goes to the production of ethanol, which also requires five gallons of water to produce one gallon of ethanol.

Ed Welge


H. Wm. Rhea III 3 years ago

Co2 is good. Plants take in Co2 and then release air. Not enough Co2 means that plants sort of suffocate and then they don't produce oxygen. Also, a little more particulate matter in the air also means more rain. Ice crystals don't form without some sort of particulate to form around. That means no ice crystals, which means no rain. Thank the environmentalists for less oxygen and rainfall.


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