Movie Nothing But Depravity



I made the mistake of going to see “The Wolf of Wall Street” recently. Unless you enjoy sitting through three hours of very graphic depravity, which includes repeated sex orgies (with nothing left to the imagination), pill-popping, snorting and continuous vulgarity, use your money and your time more wisely.

I regret that I didn’t get up and walk out.

That movie critics praised this movie in the name of good acting and being true to the life and character of the man it portrays, is scary in terms of what it suggests about the moral numbness and character of our country.

It’s almost an insult to show a movie like this in the same theater as “The Book Thief.”

If we’re lucky, this one will leave town quickly and Payson will be better for it.

Penny Dorgan


H. Wm. Rhea III 3 years ago

Penny, that is what previews and ratings are for. I seldom go to the movies anymore. But when I do, I'm looking at the preview as a reason why I'm not seeing this movie or that movie. You can also check movies out online.

A very good site is Kids in Mind. They rate movies very differently than Hollywood and they retains will tell what is bad in each movie, so that you know what's coming should you decide to go.

Here is the link: Kids in Mind


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