Payson, Thank You For All Your Generosity



Hearts seemed to expand during recent weeks when a simple pat on the back, offer to help a neighbor, a cheerful greeting, a few coins tossed into a donation bucket, all tokens of love are extended as one hand reaches to grasp another in a chain of unity among our schools, businesses, organizations, groups and individuals.

This kindness and generosity has not been lost on children attending Payson Elementary School as 22 students were selected to participate in a recent activity sponsored by local organizations Sy Harrison Masonic Lodge #70 and the Payson Elks Lodge No. 2154.  

After one last sip of hot cocoa and donut crumb was placed in tiny mouths, these children were loaded onto buses and then escorted to the local Walmart where all were delighted to learn that they would be provided with a shopping spree. 

Warm winter coats, stylish shoes, and a multitude of clothes were tried on for size.  Clothing of all colors was gently held up to each child, ensuring they were deemed exactly right. Smiles beamed from ear to ear on the faces of both the sponsors as well as these precious young angels.

Once the purchases were made, the children carried their many sacks and packages toward the awaiting buses. These parcels not only contained new garments and toys; they were also filled with love, hope and faith. Hope for tomorrow and better times to come, love for these children whose worth cannot be defined in words, and faith that we as a community will find success in more than financial gain, remembering that family and community can be one in the same in forming a united bond in caring for our children.

Thank you to the members of the Sy Harrison Masonic Lodge #70 and the Payson Elks Lodge No. 2154 for providing shopping sprees to Payson Elementary School students. 

Also, thank you to the Expedition Church members and those individual Secret Santas who wish to remain anonymous in their donations to our children. Thank you to school teachers and staff and members of the Payson community for providing customer service to those of us who are fortunate enough to live in a town where community service remains a vital component in what is still valued in small towns today.

Laurie Lindell

Payson Elementary School


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