Equal Means Equal



On Sunday I watched an interesting debate on CNN between a female Army general and a male Army general. They were asked the question “Now that all jobs in the U.S. military are open to women, should they be required to register with Selective Service (draft)?”

The female general said, “Equal means equal,” the male general just smiled and agreed with her. As a 20-year Navy veteran I applaud the comments: Equal means equal.

The next thing I want to see is the members of N.O.W. and W.A.S.P. march their daughters to the post office and register for the draft. Let the screaming begin.

Now that we are equal, I don’t have to open doors for you, when it rains you should walk with me to the car, you won’t be the first out the elevator door or any door. Equal means equal.

Now that we are equal, I have to tell my blind date that if she orders the most expensive item on the menu and asks the waiter if there are any special wines not listed, let it be known, you are paying for your own dinner.

I won’t comment on child support or custody.

Andy Toth


Susan Daniels 3 years, 11 months ago

Having been a military wife for 7 years, many moons ago, and my oldest son just about to retire after 24 yrs in the AF, I question the thinking behind the move to officially include women in front line battle situations.

Young women in the military today feel they are more than capable of putting themselves out there in life threatening situations, and I'm sure in most instances they are capable, but my only comment is, "watch out for what you wish for, ladies, you just might get it."


Ted Paulk 3 years, 11 months ago

Andy, I assume you are a single person with that miscogonistic rant. I also believe that a "blind date" is about the only kind you will ever have. God bless you old dinosaurs.


don evans 3 years, 11 months ago

The new reality as stated by Mr. Toth, so get over it, deal with it, you wanted it. Paulk as is typical of a limo liberal can only offer insults.


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