Unfortunate Lack Of Manners In Payson



It is an unfortunate situation that some young people in your community are rude and have no manners.

While passing through your town on Friday, Jan. 18, I observed the behavior of a young man in the Walmart parking lot yell out, “Do you know how fat you are?” to a senior citizen.

She did not hear him, but I did and I saw him run like a rabbit when I headed toward his car.

Had he not been such a coward, I would have suggested to him that he yell the same thing the next time he sees a 300-pound guy in full leather stepping down from a Harley. His behavior was more appropriate to a little boy strapped in a car seat in the back of a vehicle than a young man behind the wheel of a car.

To the friends of this immature boy I would like to say, when he brags about his exploits, remember he will be a great resource if you want to bad mouth your grandmother or any other older woman. But, do not expect him to hang around and face the consequence of his crude behavior.

To the parents of this callow child I would like to say, some day your son will shoot off his mouth to the wrong person and he will come home with a bloody nose and his teeth in his pocket.

Obviously he needs a constructive after school activity. Maybe he could get a job. Or, learn to read so he would not drive the wrong way in parking lots.

Outside of that experience, Payson seems like a nice town with nice people.

Vergil Bartos

Florence, Ala.


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