I Strongly Disagree



Re: the recent editorial that said we must have a pathway to citizenship for those 12 million illegals living here. With that attitude we are saying, “well if they got away with living here all these years, and didn’t get caught, you deserve to be able to stay.” No, they don’t. We have many veterans returning from two wars who need the jobs they have — and they are working in almost all fields of employment, not just in farming.

During Ike’s administration over 1 million illegals were captured and deported, and the jobs they had were given to our returning veterans from the Korean War.

Over 30 percent of all prisoners in federal prisons are illegals. So do you think that if they are doing that much crime now they will stop if given green cards? Illegals are No. 1 in doing these crimes: identity theft, auto theft, medical fraud, kidnapping, drug smuggling, home invasions, driving drunk, no insurance, no license, gang violence and drive-by shootings. They have bankrupted many emergency centers, and driven up hospital expenses; and they are bankrupting our schools.

We are a nation of immigrants, that’s true; but those who came here didn’t come here by the millions, commit such crimes and cost the country so many billions each year.

All we’re doing by giving them a path to citizenship, is saying, bully for you, you dodged the law for all these years. If all these millions had stayed and built their country as we did, they would have a great country to live in, because they have as many natural resources as we do. I say send them back to Mexico, and wait their turn.

Dell Owens


don evans 3 years, 11 months ago

Be rest assured that when legal status is granted (not full citizenship) they will demand the right to vote! That is what the true agenda is. That is what the left want's. A whole new demographic that will keep them in power. All they have to do is give away more freebies with our tax dollars.


Dan Haapala 3 years, 11 months ago

Why haven't conservatives tied spending to the freebies and said no more. No freebies, no handouts, no free ride, no illegals, no moochers, no more deficit (eventualy). We've got to stop the 'we are the answer government' and get back to 'I'm responsible for me and mine.' If you lost your job, I'm sorry but don't ask me to support you, go get another job. There is always a job, you may not like it but it's better than starving. If you aren't making enough money to buy groceries don't ask me to supplement you, many have that problem as well but they work two jobs and their spouse does too.If you quit high school and no one will hire you, If you can't speak English and no one will hire you, If you do drugs, do drink, do wrong and no one will hire you.....IT'S YOUR FAULT, NOT MINE. I'm not responsible you are. Get your Sh.t together and join the human race and become an American that is free.


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