Examine Those Fishing Rods Before The Season

Jim Goughnour  points out a place to look for cracks in a well use fishing rod.

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Jim Goughnour points out a place to look for cracks in a well use fishing rod.


Zane Grey, the famous Western author, was an avid outdoorsman, who enjoyed fishing in all parts of the world including right here in the Rim Country. One time being interviewed he made the statement, “If you can count the number of fishing rods you own, you don’t have enough.” How true that is for so many anglers who fish a variety of waters.

Many of us don’t have a clue of the number until we clean the garage and boat lockers then realize it may be time to have a sale so that we can buy another new rod! Before doing that, how about examining the ones you currently own and see if they are in need of repair?

For instance, a bent guide will reduce casting distance as well as the delicate feel when a fish bites. Look closely at each guide to see if the ceramic insert is cracked or broken out. If that is the case, the fishing line can develop abrasions which will obviously weaken the tensile strength. A broken tip is a common occurrence which is very frustrating when it happens, because it means putting down the favorite rod for another one.

When the length of a fishing rod is altered due to a mishap with a car door or tailgate of a pickup, the sensitivity of feeling the bite will be greatly reduced. The key issue becomes, is it still worth fixing? That is a question for the experts at Rim Country Custom Rods who can be reached at 468-0263.

Some simple repairs such as replacing a tip or guides can be done at home if you have access to the correct parts. However, a new handle, reel seat, or adjusting the length of a rod due to a break needs to be done by a professional rod builder. I prefer to have all my rod repairs done by Rim Country Custom Rods and Repair because I know it will be right. Jim Goughnour guarantees quality craftsmanship at very fair prices and is becoming well known statewide for his work.

He will have a display on Feb. 20 at the registration for the FLW Everstart Bass fishing tournament. This will be one of many outdoor recreation booths located in the bingo room at the Mazatzal Casino starting at 3:30 p.m. and ending at 5 p.m. If you have a question about rod repair, Jim will offer his expert advice. Stop by that day and take advantage of the free fishing seminars given by some of the top pros in the West and let Jim examine a fishing rod if it is in need of repair.

Don’t be without your favorite fishing rods when the opportunity comes to go to the lake. Take a little time now, examine all of your fishing equipment, make the necessary repairs so the big one doesn’t get away. Enjoy the spring-like weather this weekend, go for a hike and enjoy God’s creation.


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