Keep The Community Clean



Who would want to walk around in a dirty place? Nobody. We need to keep our community clean. We need to keep the ground trash free. Encourage the local waste companies to start a recycling system for glass, plastic and aluminum. And we should keep the scenery attractive.

The owners of businesses in our community should place at least one trash can outside of their stores. Owners of restaurants should place two or more trash cans inside and outside the building. I suggest that Dumpsters should be covered up, so that trash won’t fly out with strong winds and bad smells will not be released.

Another way to keep our community healthy is by recycling. This means separating glass, aluminum, plastic, etc. at home and businesses. Recycling often saves energy and reduces domestic waste as well as pollution. A good way to apply recycling is to have different color containers for different items.

Overall, to keep our community attractive, local businesses and residents could work together to start programs that encourage visitors and tourists to keep our community clean. Besides maintaining the clean streets in our community, it also helps to have houses, and buildings repaired and painted, trees trimmed and lawns mowed.

To conclude this topic, I hope that everyone who is reading this article gets the idea, to work hard to keep our community clean, healthy and attractive.

Elizabeth Donsbach, age 10


Dan Haapala 3 years, 11 months ago

Elizabeth, I applaud your concern but would suggest that you dedicate more of your enthusiasm to your peers. It is not the responsibility of businesses or government to keep things clean, it's the responsibility of individuals. I'm impressed that you have gotten involved and believe that it's great that you want to make a change. However what you are asking is that businesses should make a place for people to throw away their trash. Why? If a business doesn't provide a trash can does that mean that they are responsible for people throwing trash on their property? I think not. Spread your message among the people your age. Encourage them not to litter, encourage them to recycle, don't ask business or government to do for you what you and others should do for yourselves. Elizabeth, I'm impressed that you are involved, this is not in any way meant to discourage you but rather to encourage you to consider more options. Thanks for your letter.


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