The Problem Is Simple



“After Sandy Hook, we said that was enough. Those 20 children who were killed there, that was the minority compared to the number of children who die every year because of gun violence.” — So Democrat State Senator Linda Lopez introduces legislation to “limit the size of ammunition clips to counter gun violence problem” (Roundup, Feb. 5). “The problem is multi-faceted,” she said, “but we do have to start somewhere.”

So why start with complicated legislation violating the rights of people who have committed no crime, that criminals and maniacs will ignore, that will serve no purpose beyond making it easier and easier for criminals and maniacs to murder more and more people — and children — before they get tired of it and turn the gun on themselves?

Restricting high-capacity magazines will accomplish nothing. Universal background checks will accomplish nothing. Requiring confiscated weapons to be destroyed instead of sold to law-abiding gun owners will accomplish nothing. Pretending the “misuse” of equipment is caused by the equipment will accomplish nothing. Why be so complicated and ineffective?

The problem is not multi-faceted at all. The problem is singular and simple: The problem is creating and advertising “victim disarmament zones” where criminals and maniacs know they can have all the fun they want and can’t be stopped until they decide to stop.

Donald L. Cline


don evans 3 years, 11 months ago

The Gun control agenda is really not about controling guns, clips, types etc. It's all about "People Control" by Obama and his Obamanista supporters.


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