Common Core Standards Require Common Sense



The proposed implementation of Arizona’s Common Core Standards in education requires some common sense reasoning.

All of us want an educational system that is productive, competitive, and professional, but very few of us want to provide the necessary resources to accomplish educational improvement.

Neither AIMS nor Terra Nova testing provided the improvement in our Arizona test scores relative to the scores to the rest of the country. Until we understand and accept the fact that money will be needed to hoist us from near the bottom of student achievement in the U.S., we’ll continue to discuss, debate, and defer on educational improvement in our state.

A lack of leadership from our governor, near zero foresight from our frugal legislators, and an unwillingness on the part of us taxpayers will doom us to the basement in educational achievement and improvement vis-à-vis the other states investing in their schools and students.

Let’s be honest and realistic. In three to five years some ‘new’ method will be espoused to improve education in our state without a commensurate increase in funding. We fall in love with improvement ideas as long as there is little or no cost associated with them!

Our ‘common core standard’ seems to be to talk a good game about improving education without providing the needed resources to actually do something positive about this economically vital government entity and responsibility.

What a shame and a sham.

Richard K. Meszar, Ed.D.


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