How Much Liberty Will ‘Safety’ Cost?



Weapons of the “enlisted” men in the Civil War were confiscated at the surrender and I have seen pictures of them being burned after the Confederates headed home.

Lee steering the conversation back to the surrender and Grant laid out his terms. Grant’s terms for the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia were as follows:

“I propose to receive the surrender of the Army of N. Va. on the following terms, to wit: Rolls of all the officers etc. - The arms, artillery and public property to be parked and stacked, and turned over to the officer etc. This will not embrace the side arms of the officers, nor their private horses or baggage.

This done, each officer and man will be allowed to return to their homes, not to be disturbed by United States authority so long as they observe their paroles and the laws in force where they may reside.”

Weapons were confiscated in New Orleans:  In 2005 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans Police, National Guard troops, and U.S. Marshals confiscated firearms. “Guns will be taken. Only law enforcement will be allowed to have guns,” New Orleans Police Superintendent Eddie Compass declared as he prepared to violate the Second Amendment. The National Guard conducted warrant-less house-to-house searches in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment. An additional note, the 82nd Airborne was there as well, just in case.

Can anyone understand why the Social Security Administration, FEMA, Dept. of Agriculture, EPA, IRS, have armed personnel?

From the start of the Revolutionary War until into the 1800s, our founders stated time and time again the reason that Americans should/must have the right to bear arms, among other reasons, is in the event that the government that they founded should ever become tyrannical, that the people would have the means to return the government to their control. This government was established as a republic and not a democracy for that very reason.

Registration will only tell the government where the legally owned weapons are...It will prevent absolutely nothing. Unless one gets stolen, it is rare that a legally owned weapon is involved in a crime.

With any president’s ability to use executive orders to get his way, he can declare a state of emergency; declare martial law during any disaster, natural or otherwise. With the Congress so willing to surrender so much of its responsibility to the president and/or the alphabet agencies and services of the government, there isn’t anything to prevent any government agency from confiscating your weapons.

Ever been to a gun show here in Payson?  You can’t get out of the building with a weapon, without filling out an ATF form 4473 and get a background check. Even the TRS Club requires the background check for their raffle prizes and auction weapons.

That loophole doesn’t exist, regardless of what Bloomberg might have to say.  The dealer must keep that ATF form for 20 years. If the sale is denied, the dealer must keep that form for five years; if the dealer goes out of business - guess where those forms go? What difference does it make where the 4473s are kept, all Federal agencies have access to these forms anytime they want.

If you have a Concealed Carry permit, your fingerprints were sent to the FBI to have a much deeper background check. The FBI now knows that you potentially have a handgun(s). Your gun isn’t registered, but you are.... But they also know who was denied a CCW permit and that person may have guns anyways. So, like it or not, you or your guns are “registered”.

The comments about the Nazis and gun confiscation are almost true – “The laws adopted by the Weimar Republic intended to disarm Nazis and Communists were sufficiently discretionary that the Nazis managed to use them against their enemies once they were in power.” In other words, they didn’t need to pass additional laws. The Nazis did pass a weapons law in 1938, but that only added restrictions to the previous law, especially for Jews and other non-citizens. So, lets everyone quit saying that the Nazis only used their laws against the Jewish population.

How much liberty are you willing to surrender for how much safety?  Does a human being have the right to defend himself? If so, does any human being have the right to own such means of defense?

Jim Gier


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