Just Defensive Posturing And Saber Rattling Threats



Your letter writers are not alone in making spurious claims and accusations concerning the so-called “gun control” issue. The NRA has contributed nothing but highly defensive posturing and saber rattling threats. A sizable number of ill-informed and easily misled individuals continue to substitute fearful conjecture for logical investigation.

The crux of the matter is this: there is no verifiable threat from any quarter to disarm American citizens. Not now — not ever — no how. Even discussions along these lines are quite few, and no proposal has ever made its way from random individual efforts to any legislation. No proposal of this kind has even made it as far as serious review by any congressional committee, where legislation begins.

To hide behind so-called “rights” is indefensible simply because no “right” is unconditional. Freedom of speech, for example, does not allow libel or perjury or agitation leading to harm.

Refusal by the NRA and its supporters to even participate in mature, rational discussions concerning protection against mass murders is unconscionable. They huddle behind protective illogical defenses and refuse open debate. I have offered to openly debate on many occasions, but there is always some excuse to refuse.

It is far easier to make unsubstantiated accusations than it is to back them up with facts. Seriously interested citizens should investigate the claims of total disarmament for themselves. This red herring simply does not exist.

Noble Collins


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