Prmc Staff Commendable



Recently, I spent considerable time in the Payson Regional Medical Center here in Payson as a patient. During that time, I had the opportunity to observe numerous professionals in their element and was very impressed with their skill, dedication, and compassion.

I was amazed to learn that most of the nurses with whom I dealt, were graduates of the nursing program at Gila Community College here in Payson and had been hired at Payson Regional after their graduation. From what I saw firsthand, these nurses were highly proficient at their jobs and were a credit to their profession.

Over the years, much has been said about the hospital here in Payson and the staff. I can only comment about what I experienced and that was highly-motivated professionals doing their job and doing it well.

I dealt with three hospitalists, Dr. Yadov, Dr. Karsarla, and Dr. Santos, and they were excellent caregivers and showed great concern about my health. I dealt with Dr. Marmer and Dr. Munoz on health issues and both were very caring and considerate. These physicians didn’t care whether it was the weekend or weekday, didn’t care what time of the day it was. They were there to tend to the needs of the patient and regardless of time of day, that’s what they did.

I wish to thank the administration of Payson Regional Medical Center for the care I was afforded on my recent “vacation.” I also wish to thank the aforementioned doctors who treated me very well and hopefully have me back on the road to recovery. I especially want to thank the nurses and staff who took care of me and had to deal with me on an hour-to-hour basis. From emergency room to discharge, the staff of the Payson Regional Medical Center was outstanding.

I finally want everyone to realize what an excellent program we have where nurses are being educated and trained here in Payson, and graduating with their degree and many going to work here in Payson. What more could you ask for?

Tim Hughes


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