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I am writing in reference to your front page article concerning the police bust of Nature’s Harvest.

I am not a medical marijuana user. I have been a part of the medical field for over 20 years. I have become aware of the many good uses for cannabis. Unfortunately, people do not take the time to educate themselves.

Now that it was determined by the voters to make it legal, the confusion is rampant. It is just another excuse for our law enforcement to bully those who are trying to help others.

I thought it was very unprofessional for Michele Nelson to include in her article Ms. Golliglee’s appearance and the color of her garage door. What does that have to do with anything?

Why don’t we talk about how much our drug companies are making off of prescription drugs, even though they are FDA approved. They are killing people.

If you do your research, you will find cannabis is a natural substance that has helped many people, but the taboo of “pot” has many hiding their use.

Are you using drugs? Does that make you a druggie? Do you research what you put in your mouth and how it will affect your body?

Yes, Ms. Golliglee’s making money. Would you show up to your job if you didn’t get paid?

Let’s talk about all the good she has done for others by being open and research what medical marijuana can do for people that other supposedly legal substances can’t.

Your reporter needs to do her research and stick to the facts. The law enforcement needs to have a better understanding of the marijuana controversy.

Marge Neumann

Editor’s note: Don’t blame the reporter. Blame the editor. I thought the description of the strange scene in the street as Ms. Golliglee watched the police search her house was interesting and revealing. I didn’t think the description was slanted against her in any way. But clearly some readers — and Ms. Golliglee herself — feel otherwise. That’s unfortunate. We weren’t trying to pass judgment. But I actually think we should include more description into our stories rather than less. Still, we appreciate the feedback.


Kim Chittick 3 years, 10 months ago

So, Ms. Neumann, you have been "a part of the medical field for over 20 years." Nurse, receptionist, med sales? Certainly not a doctor or you would have stated that. I too, could say that I have been "a part of the medical field for over 35 years". Doesn't much mean anything. Certainly doesn't give me any credibility or cache to make a determination on the proper use and sale of marijuana.

As for the Roundup describing Ms. Golliglee's appearance and the color of her garage door. I think that the relevance is spot on. The newspaper is in the business of "painting a picture through words for it's readers". They did a very eloquent job in this case. Would you have objected to the word picture, if the description had been, "Ms. Golliglee stood in front of her tan and brown house, watching the search unfold wearing a sedate 3 piece suit and sensible low heeled pumps. Her light brown hair was pulled back into a conservative chignon, and her make-up lady-like and subdued." Probably not!

You also stated, "Would you show up to your job if you didn’t get paid?" Why, of course not, Ms. Neumann; however, Ms. Golliglee was not simply a "worker" who was showing up to do a job. As near as I could ascertain from the various stories, Ms. Golliglee has at least 2, if not more, nice houses, in very nice areas and neigborhoods; as well as several businesses in other cities around the state. And she was not simply providing a much needed service to people in need. She was exploiting the needs of people desperate for pain relief. She thought that she had found a loophole in the laws that would allow her to profit greatly. Please!!! Charging people $65.00 for a "consultation" to advise them on which would be the proper "strain" of pot for what ailed them? And to deny the product to someone who declined the "consultation"....not cool. I personally have MAJOR issues with this whole "medical marijuana card" program. While I recognize that marijuana may be a great option for some who are truly in great pain and need, however, I know of several people who are in possession of said cards, to whom that does not apply. I suffer from hellacius migraines and therefore according to several people, I could qualify for a mm card. REALLY??? That is absurd. Now, on the other hand, I have a friend who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, who has admitted to me that marijuana REALLY eases the pain and has no side effects. This person does not smoke it, they ingest it in the form of cookies, I think. Take a look at the people standing in line at one of these mm places. Do the majority of them look like nice, respectable people? Like your neighbor, or your friend? Do they look like people who are suffering and/or ill? While I recognize that not all illness and/or pain are visible, there is an element of respectability and decency that could be brought to the table.


Pat Randall 3 years, 10 months ago

If it is such a great "medicine" for pain why are Drs. not writing prescriptions and it being bought at a legal pharmacy? Where are these buyers getting thier cards and have they been tested and diagnosed with some pain problem by a licensed medical person? I wouldn't have a problem with that. The way it is now is licensed dealers for an illegal drug. Only an opinion.


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