Guns In Schools



The Arizona Attorney General’s idea of arming and training a person in each school to protect our children against some crazed gunman, or gunwoman, is a step in the right direction, but it can be improved upon. Some of the past shooters have a high IQ, even though they are mentally deranged. In their planning they will take into account who has access to the gun and where the gun might be located.

In other words, the person designated to protect the children may be the first target.

What if there were several guns, in locked boxes, hidden around the school to assure that one would be accessible? Also what if several volunteer staff members were trained by the police and given keys to these locked boxes? The identity of these volunteers would be known only to a select few. Parents could be notified by mail. I believe this would discourage anyone from even planning an assault.

Regarding compensation, since this will take only a small amount of time from the volunteers, except for the training course, since they are putting themselves in harm’s way if something happens, how about buying them a term life insurance policy to take care of their family if something should happen.

Some might argue that this measure is not needed in Payson because the police can be there in minutes. A lot of people could be killed in those minutes.

This measure is safe, the guns are locked up until needed, it is much lower cost than an armed guard and it should be very effective in that it may prevent an attack from ever happening.

Bob Hartley


ALLAN SIMS 4 years ago

Not bad. At least we're thinking of solutions.


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