No Need To Drag Up Old News About Garvin



I read the Dec. 28 article in the Payson Roundup referencing the Payson Police Department’s plan to hire additional police officers. The story also mentions the Jan. 7, 2013 hire date of Sherwood Eldridge as the new lieutenant.

The next paragraph essentially uses the power of the press to pillory Sgt. Donny Garvin AGAIN. After Sgt. Garvin was demoted 2-1/2 years ago, he was immediately trusted with the sensitive position of administrative sergeant. When Sgt. John Heflin resigned, Sgt. Garvin was assigned to supervise his squad, while also overseeing fleet management and maintenance. Sgt. Garvin also retained his additional duty as special response team leader, continuing to handle high-risk incidents professionally.

Chief Engler continues to rely on Sgt. Garvin’s 20 years of law enforcement expertise and judgment, by having Sgt. Garvin, a National FBI Academy graduate, screen a majority of the recent applications for open police officer positions. Sgt. Garvin also chaired oral boards for hiring new officer applicants. Chief Engler has also tasked Sgt. Garvin to be officer in charge of the department during his absence, essentially the job of acting police chief. Recently, Chief Engler assigned Sgt. Garvin to be the Payson Police Department’s representative to multi-jurisdictional active shooter training. This is a heavy responsibility, as this is used by police departments to train officers to more effectively respond to active shooter incidents. These are incidents such as the recent tragedy in Newtown, Conn.

Sgt. Garvin has paid dearly for his indiscretions by his reduction in rank, pay and the fact that his law enforcement career is irreparably damaged. He continues to faithfully serve the Payson Police Department and our community.

I believe he has been punished enough in the press.

Michelle Ann Dyer


Pat Randall 4 years ago

Looks like everyone is blaming Chief Engler for doing something wrong. He didn't. He is doing his job. And a really good job. We have a Police Chief we should all be proud of for cleaning up the department. Now maybe the police dept won't be laughed at and the officers will do their jobs the way they should.

As for the Roundup they are only printing what happened.


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