Don’T Be Misled, Check The Facts



It has already been made clear to us in Arizona by Sen. Kyl and Rep. Gosar that the GOP feels perfectly justified in misleading the American people by making claims that “are not meant to be factual statements.” And Sen. McConnell and other GOP members are already issuing such statements to confuse us on the issue of the debt ceiling.

You will hear their talking points again and again stating that President Obama will use increasing the debt ceiling to “spend any amount he wants on anything he wants.” Since I’m fairly certain that everyone in Congress knows that ONLY Congress can fund spending and that the debt ceiling in no way covers future spending, but is only to cover spending that has already occurred, I do not consider these statements to be factual. But this does not keep them from repeating this nonsense as though it were true.

By not increasing the debt ceiling (which, by the way, has never met opposition when a Republican president was in power), Congress would cause America to default on the debts that it has already approved.

Now, when an individual puts charges on a credit card and then refuses to pay for it, he/she is considered a deadbeat. And it ruins their credit standing and increases the interest they pay. And that is exactly what happened during the last debt ceiling fight — the U.S. credit rating was lowered and the world began to doubt that America would honor its responsibilities. It made us look like deadbeats.

This false issue will be used to try to force President Obama to make spending cuts to Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid.

Although Social Security does not add one penny to the deficit, the GOP will push for cuts. They have been against these benefits from the very beginning of the programs and they push for cuts to the beneficiaries rather than making the very easy tweaks to the system that would ensure their solvency for decades to come.

By increasing the salary cap on FICA tax so that everyone pays the same percentage of their income, Social Security would never run short. And by allowing Medicare to bargain for quantity discounts on medications, Medicare would save billions of dollars. But Republicans fight to the death against either of these easy fixes. They fight for the rich and for the pharmaceutical companies while pushing for cuts to the beneficiaries who have paid into this system for their whole lives.

Don’t be misled, check the facts.

Wendy Trainor


don evans 4 years ago

Fact, 47% of Americans are sucking on some sort of Gubmn't (taxpayer) funded benefit other than Medicare or SS. You know, from the 50% who actualy work and contribute their dollars. Raise the debt ceiling from the existing almost 17 Trillion dollars. Why even have a debt ceiling? Just keep taxing the working dummy 50% at higher rates, it's all good. But wait, there's more. When the Obamanation grants that amnesty to all the current illegals, they can bring in all their 3rd cousins and sign em up for all those great freebies and triple the that debit ceiling sucking sound. Why shucks, that will guarantee a bizillion new votes for the party with a heart. Have you got your Obama phone yet, or EBT card? You can't beat this deal.... Planned Parenthood figured it out years ago.


Nancy Volz 4 years ago

Could you please advise the actual "real" document or study that shows 47%? No one seems to mention it in their retorts. Thank you.


Judith Hunter 4 years ago

Additionally, go ahead and use "the google" and search: Government spending by president.


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