Hollywood Buzz At The Beeline Cafe

Photo by Andy Towle. |



BMW, The Picture Lab and Reel Men rode into town in a caravan of vehicles, equipment and people. They parked on the ‘set’ and spent most of the day filming inside the Beeline Cafe.

What a life.

What a pleasant surprise.

The restaurant was closed for a day, Tuesday, Dec. 18, as sound-men, cameramen, make-up artists, electricians, extras, actors, a best boy, a gaffer and a key grip worked feverishly for several minutes at a time and then stood around and waited while footage was first shot, re-shot and examined, and then re-shot, or the next set-up was configured.

What’s a gaffer, a best boy and a key grip? A gaffer is the chief electrician on a set and is in charge of the lighting, electrical equipment, gels, cables, scrims (reflectors), light stands, etc. A best boy is his assistant, and a key grip is in charge of all the equipment used on a set; for example, motor vehicles, dollies, cranes, camera mounts, preparation of said equipment and transportation of same. Grips work under the key grip and best boys work under the gaffer.


Two prototype BMW motorcycles were parked right outside the window where the food action with four actors took place. If you’ve never been on a movie set or still-photography set, it’s kinda boring unless you are directly involved in the action. The actors do something for five minutes and then wait, and wait, and wait and then act some more. The Beeline Cafe was chosen as having the right atmosphere for what BMW had in mind for two motorcycling couples on their way to nirvana — wherever that is. Anyway, it’s nice to know the Beeline Cafe and Payson is well thought of by people who can help put it in the spotlight, even if it’s only for a 30-second commercial.


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