Murder Case Postponed



Seems there be a lack of justice in the Rim Country/Payson.

Woman repeatedly burns her 6-year-old daughter with cigarettes. Sentenced to 2.6 years in prison and three years in jail served “concurrently.”

Concurrently? Amounts to a slap on the wrist; as she’ll probably serve a year with time off for time served and good behavior.

Hargis/Johnson case: charge — conspiracy to commit murder and four other counts; pleaded down to aggravated assault.

Hargis sentenced to 3.5 years minus time served 383 days. Probably out in a 1.5 years if that long.

Johnson — three years probation.

Yet another laughter in sentencing.

Now the Gasoa Balas murder case. Waiting with bated breath what plea deal the prosecutors and judge will offer him.

One thing you can be sure of, it won’t go to trial as it seems the prosecutors and judges don’t have the ability or don’t want to go to the cost of a trial.

Trying murder cases doesn’t seem to be a strong point in Gila County.

Makes one wonder if some in the justice system may be inept.

William Clayton


Michael Alexander 4 years ago

Hey, Bill... It's not just Payson (Gila County), it's the entire criminal justice system... they need the space for all those pot smokers!


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