National Safety Should Not Be Compromised



I’ve been reading plenty lately about how the F-35 fighter jet will be the target of federal budget cuts. It’s somewhat understandable. Everyone knows that developing a new fleet of fighter jets will have a large price tag.

What I think these budget cutters are forgetting is that if cuts are made to the program, the price tag will only go up for the planes we do buy.

It’s just like buying one roll of paper towels instead of buying them in bulk. The price per item goes down if bought in bulk.

We can’t cut for this reason, as well as for the reason that we need these next-generation fighter jets to replace our aging F-16s and F-22s.

We should not be compromising in this area.

Karen Marley


ALLAN SIMS 4 years ago

But, you speak in terms of logic, which is not political speak. They will cut that budget because it will fund more spending that they want to slide into the mix. They see no downside to not only cutting the military budget, but Obama is committed to cutting our nukes (Which were at 2,500 a couple of years ago--from a high of 14,000+, to 300 or so, with the notion of taking them to 0 in the near future.) as well as stopping much of the future funding for ships and planes.

Look back at Carter and Clinton. Gee, for that matter, look at Truman's policies between WWII and The Korean War. We ended WWII with the greatest wartime fleet of ships and planes in the world. 5 years later, we couldn't muster enough to fight a 'police action' against a third rate power.

In that 5 years we cut up for scrap, mothballed and sold 80 to 90 percent of our war materials, and at that point we were not a world class power, except for the fact that everyone else was even worse off than we were. And, the Chinese, with Russian help, outnumbered us 10 to 1 and Russia itself could field 4 to 5 times the men we could. Plus, in a short few months they had the bomb themselves, making them the powerhouse, with us running a distant second and China nipping at our heels.

This has always been the exposed backside of the liberal agenda. Which is money for their vote getting entitlements, which in turn garners them funds to shove out to their backers, like unions, Acorn and etc. Yet, raping our defense budget to fund what they can't slide by congress in the form of higher deficits/national debt. It is part of the basic power play, wherein outside dangers fall to a far second behind defeating their 'in your face' political enemies who are downgraded from fellow Americans to second-rate citizenry.

Peace to you


Ronald Hamric 4 years ago

The single most dominant role identified in the Constitution for the Federal Government, is to provide for the common defense. All those other areas they have encroached into, that should have been left to the "states" under the 10th Amendment, are what is driving the success of the Progressive/Socialist agenda. They (Progressive/Socialists) simply cannot exist if they are constrained within the limits dictated by the Constitution. Therein lies the primary reason they are continually being criticle of that document and professing the need to either abolish it entirely or "bring it into the modern era".

China's military has simply got to be loving the "gifts" that the Left in this nation is providing them without so much as a whimper.


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