Life — without it, nothing else matters.

Life — the first “right” for all Americans in our Declaration of Independence.

Life — what God’s Word tells us to choose (Deuteronomy 30:19).

Life — what all humans have from the moment of conception.

Life — what even many atheists and agnostics admit begins at fertilization.

Life — what not enough mothers and fathers choose for their unborn babies.

Life — if you have aborted it, seek forgiveness from the One who gave it to you.

Life — as long as you have it, share these truths with others and then do whatever else you can to protect it.

However, since abortion became legal in this nation about 40 years ago “America’s War on Unborn Babies” has resulted in over 50,000,000 deaths (that’s about one every 25 seconds, every hour, every day, every year).

May God continue to be patient with us and forgive us for allowing this slaughter to continue.

Jerry Green


Ronald Hamric 4 years ago

Does anyone else find it extremely hypocritical of the progressive/socialists in our midst that scream about how we must protect all our precious children while they pathetically justify the slaughter that is taking place via Planned Parenthood simply because it has been deemed "legal"? All the firearms deaths of children from the founding of this nation does not even come close to that which these people seem so aloof about. Care for the children! Yeah, right.


Kim Chittick 3 years, 12 months ago

Gentlemen, gentlemen, please...have you forgotten that the liberal/progressive/socialist agenda is all about me, me, me??? An unplanned, unwanted pregnancy can be soooo inconvenient. And truly, please, a pregnancy is only a mass of cells, nothing, compared to the adorable liitle angel faced sweetkins that are massacred at our schools by evil and unnecessary assault weapons. A simple scrape, scrape and suck, suck, and voila, no more inconvenience!! Will you join me in a rousing rendition of kumbayah??!! Sorry, I almost gagged writing that, but figured that I would post what some granola munching, no-bra wearing liberal will surely post. I am right there with all of you gentlemen. Keep up the good fight!! We need to appreciate God given life, born and unborn~~


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