Teachers Should Be Held Accountable



Been a long time coming. Way too long. But it’s a very good thing.

Just because a person has a degree in teaching doesn’t mean they’re good teachers.

Now it’s time to separate the bad, the average and the above average ones.

Some may be concerned as they know which category they’re in.

Those that have real concern about their jobs have one good thing going for them: There is no better time to look for a job than when you have one.

William Clayton


John Lemon 4 years ago

Mr. Clayton: SPeaking from the vantage point of a retired educator I will agree with you on several points. To hold a credential or in fact be a teacher does not mean that a person is excellent at teaching. To hold teachers (and administrators) accountable for what they do is fundamental to judging the outcomes of education. The "rub", however, comes when the criteria for ranking is discussed. For example, what about the teacher who is assigned class of identified low performing or remedial students. What about identified learning handicaps ? What special circumstances should be or not be considered? When I judge the relative top speed of an auto I start at zero mph and measure the speed after a marked distance, and would consider the condition of the weather, track surface and temperature. Hopefully not overburdening a metaphor, why then do we often judge learning outcomes of students without considering variables such as starting level, handicaps, teaching conditions, adopted curriculum, testing materials, teaching experiences, etc. ??


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