Here We Go Again



I find it ironic that the Obama administration is now trying to put in place steps to ban weapons in this country, considering the fact they were involved in starting up the “Fast and Furious” operation allowing weapons from the U.S. to pass into the hands of suspected gun smugglers from Mexican drug cartels. They lost track of hundreds of assault weapons, which in one case an American Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry, was murdered along with thousands of men, women and children in Mexico. Congress started an investigation into “Fast and Furious” and based on some of the documents they received, their investigation started leading to the White House. Our Attorney General then began to refuse to turn over documents they asked for, as well as the president “Invoked Presidential Privilege” which basically stopped the investigation by Congress. The president of the Untied States should want to find out the truth for the American people, not stop the investigation.

Every time a mass murder happens in this country the first thing Democrats try to do is punish the law-abiding citizens of this country by trying to take away their rights to own guns. The focus should be to take these madmen off the streets and no one is doing anything about it.

It seems to me that when a Democrat is in office they never focus on the real problems we have they just want to go after the established rights of the law-abiding American citizens. It is easier for them to punish us for their lack of focusing on the severe mentally ill people of this country and doing something to help them and keep the rest of us safe.

If you want to predict what will happen to this country if they are allowed to take away our Second Amendment rights, all you have to do is look into history. Hitler took away guns and look at what happened. We as Americans cannot follow down that same path!

Sarkis Mouradian


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