What Is A Militia?



In the dictionary it reads, “An army composed of citizens, rather than professional soldiers.” People keep saying on the liberal news that the Second Amendment was intended for the militia, and they are right, that would be us, the average citizen.

So that being said, it’s also true that any law abiding citizen who owned a gun would have given all they own to have been at that school to take down that evil creature. I certainly would have laid down my life for those babies, and so would anyone I call a friend.

One of the biggest problems is — killers don’t have to pay for their horrible deeds. We have a man sentenced to death who has been in our prison here since the 1980s and a sentence of “life, usually means 15 years.”

Until this country stops listening to groups such as the ACLU, who are against the death penalty, it will go on and on. His death sentence is now being delayed because the ACLU, says our method of lethal injection is cruel. Wasn’t it even more cruel when he killed a person and destroyed the lives of their families? Some how we overlook the victim.

Dell Owens


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