Transition Town Comes To Payson


Last spring a small group of people in Payson learned about “Transition Town” — a movement that began in Totnes, England, to respond to the challenges of climate change, escalating prices, resource depletion, and economic instability.

Since the initial beginning in 2006, more than 1,000 communities have embraced its ideas and model, and Transition Town has become a worldwide movement. It has spread rapidly, and now there is a “Transition Town U.S.” parent organization to promote and assist communities in this country to become part of the environmental endeavor.

The small Payson group liked the idea. They gathered others with similar concerns and formed an “initiating group” to explore how the Transition model might work in our area. Discussion led to more ideas, research, and areas of focus and finally to a decision to become registered with Transition U.S.

Payson is now officially Transition Town Payson, #121 registered in the United States.

The key idea of “Transition Town Payson” is to create an “active and empowered community movement” throughout Rim Country, with as many people as possible working together “to create a local way of life that can withstand the shocks of rapidly shifting global systems.” It extends to schools, organizations, churches, neighborhoods, as well as to individuals of every political persuasion, religion, nationality or way of life.

TTP builds upon the sustainable efforts that have already begun on a grass-roots level. Participants share ideas, support, resources, experts, and funding, working in groups to accomplish what couldn’t be done by individuals, resulting in a stronger local community prepared for any event or crisis.

With a motto of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” the TTP initiating group has identified various areas of focus. Projects have begun to unfold, particularly an informational presentation about TTP being offered to organizations and groups in our area. There eventually will be action groups — Renewable Energy, Water Conservation, Education, Transportation, Homemaking Arts, Communication, Food & Gardening, and others.

As an example, “Food & Gardening” would take on projects such as expanding public area gardens, providing classes in composting, water harvesting and food storage, and establishing community/neighborhood gardens. This action group would network and draw from already successful gardening endeavors, such as the summer Farmers Market, local garden clubs, and the newly established community garden. Various action groups would join together on larger community projects.

A comprehensive Transition Town Payson Web site is already up and running, and contains TTP information, environmental articles, and a blog. There you will also see a list of “What, Where and How to Recycle in Payson,” as well as a “Recommended Reading” list.

To learn more, go to www. Also check out and learn what Transition Towns across the United States are doing.

For more information about Transition Town Payson or to schedule a presentation for your organization or group, call Rob Ingram, (928) 474-4849; John Hurlbert, (928) 468-6572; Dean Gooding or Vee, (928) 474-8005; or Monte McCord, (928) 468-1852.


ALLAN SIMS 3 years, 12 months ago

This group is espousing membership in an extreme liberal group that wants everyone to give up their vehicles and spend their free time composting their gardens.

Go to some of the links they put here, and read about the hatred of our energy systems, and how they propose to change them.

This all sounds great on the surface, but the agenda is the 'One World Order' theme, approached through the eyes of the tree huggers. (I like trees myself, but not at the expense of our economy, and the right to live our lives as we see fit.) These people want to take things from us, and force us to live an alternative life style in their vision of what the world should be.


ALLAN SIMS 3 years, 12 months ago

Ah, but there's a major difference, Jones. We in our "unrealistic, idealistic view" were pragmatic in that we lived in a 'real world' not this virtual world of make believe where we can invent alternative fuels at the drop of a hat; or that we can turn human beings into little automated minions of the collective all.

"That unrealistic, idealistic view" allowed everyone, including raging liberals, to pursue their lives the way they wanted, as long as it wasn't in a perverted harmful way; or didn’t force others to give up liberty. That "unrealistic, idealistic view" allowed this to become the greatest nation on earth, predicated on morals that are unmatched by those of any other "view".

That was achieved by building industries, factories, automobiles, planes and ships. Not, by striping those same industries of their means to provide us the things that allow us freedom and a good life, as you have done for the past several years. The loss of those industries, factories and jobs is why we owe China about 40% of all our voluminous debt.

BTW, women were freed from the “kitchen or bedroom” by those pragmatists, not by those who want to see our way of life die, to be replaced by Utopia. And, the women so freed did not become raging liberals, by and large. They became partners in those same industries, factories and so forth being more pragmatic in most cases.

But, now, we see the veneer removed to disclose people, who want something that exists only in the minds of dreamers. You walk among us, but you aren’t of us who love freedom and the right to go where we want, when we want, to build industries and to profit by it. You, as a group, want to force perversion on us, to prevent religion and to force your replacement theology of “mother earth” upon us. All through the ballot box, and by organizing communities to become brainwashed with this dream of Utopia, that exists only in your minds.

This nation has become a nation of wimps who force their notions on those who don’t share the dream. These wimps exercise the rights those pragmatists gave them to rip our economy apart, to rob people of their individuality in order to further the mistaken idea that this world can be made different by planting gardens and setting everyone afoot; forcing everyone to live in places they don’t want to live in, giving up automobiles for mass transit and on and on.

Yep, the world of autotrons dominated by an all-powerful government will come about, just as you dream, but the result will be much less than you think. Look at the Soviet Union to see 70 years of it, and tell me how this movement you so happily tout can become anything different.


Ronald Hamric 3 years, 12 months ago Yep, the premier environmental group has decided to step "outside the law" since it has become appairent they cannot win this fight through political pressure. I can hardly wait to "identify" with anything that has an "environmental" label, NOT. I have always felt that it would be just, that those who feel they are okay with breaking the law, should then not expect that same law to protect them from folks just as rabid as they are. You want anarchy, you got it.


ALLAN SIMS 3 years, 12 months ago

Well Jones, as you say, good men died that you and I can voice our differences. Now, you don't strike me as a fellow that gets his feelings hurt too easily. So, it is surprising to hear you say "when voiced in the hateful manner" above.

If we are emphatic, good. I'd rather be a bit overly emphatic than to be weak-kneed or mealy-mouthed about what I think. On the other hand, I have not 'attacked' anyone individually, and as for as "stupid and misinformed" should I take offense for that? Is it not more of an 'attack' or an expression meant in a "hateful manner" than anything I posted above? Sure it is. But, I've go broad shoulders, and don't really think anything of it.

God bless Jones. see you around.


Ronald Hamric 3 years, 12 months ago

Mr. Jones, I'm somewhat puzzled that you were able to subscribe my comments posted above as "throwing labels and insults at anyone you perceive as disagreeing with your "extremist" views". I simply posted a link to a story regarding "enviornmentalism" since the article at issue stated "now there is a “Transition Town U.S.” parent organization to promote and assist communities in this country to become part of the environmental endeavor". How is that a personal attack? It was in your response that name calling and invectives became personally directed.

This statement is one I can really identify with "I suspect we'd find we agree on more than we'd ever dream. Americans NEED to pull together all the stronger as the "powers" (both RIGHT and LEFT) keep trying to keep us divided and bickering." That has always been my goal in posting on these forums and blogs, ie. to keep the dialogue going. If we simply "dig in" and refuse to discuss these issues that we all have differing views on, how can we possibly ever move forward in any constructive manner? Might as well get on with that "Revoluton" so many are always throwing out there in their frustration and emotional rsponses. I would caution anyone who posts their views on forums and blogs to be ready for "the heat in the kitchen" as these issues are not idle chatter to kill time with. They are germain to our very freedoms and way of life, however evolutionary that way of life might be. When issues of that importance are discussed, debated, and verbally fought over, you can be sure there are going to be very strong feelings and positions taken by all those involved, including yourself. That's as it should be, otherwise we are simply jousting windmills and it amounts to nothing but hyperboly.

You are so correct in your observation "They have as much of an agenda as the "other" side." I find that one of the attributes of the Internet is I can visit Daily Kos, Huffington Post, Slate, Salon, or MSNBC and get a sense of just how others position themselves on some of these issues. Not sure why folks seem to think the only network Traditional Conservatives view is Fox. That's certainly painting with a very broad brush. I know for a fact that many Liberals view networks other than MSNBC because they often comment on what was said on Fox so they too must be watching it.

Please stay in the discussions and keep your views coming. I might strongly disagree with some of them as you might with some of mine. We can still keep it civil.


Ronald Hamric 3 years, 12 months ago

Mr. Jones,

"There are far more right-wing "talk radio" programs than left." Just one small observation regarding that . Before the arrival of cable TV, we had basically 3 major news outlets on TV. Those were what is known as the "Big 3", ABC,NBC,CBS. Those that controlled those networks and reported through them literally shaped the news they offered to their viewers. And almost to a person, not by my estimation, but by their own admission, they saw themselves as progressive/socilaists. There was no voice for any other viewpoints. Traditionalist/conservative thought went to the only other communications outlet available to them, radio. The Left pretty much let them have it to themselves as most thought that radio was a tecnology that would soon cease to exist due to the burgenoning new kid on the block, electronic media. Once people actually started tuning in to those "alternate" views that were available on radio, the Left took notice. As early as 3 years ago, the Democratics made an effort to use the FCC to silence "right wing radio" by with holding their liscense's to operate. Fortunately they have yet to pull that off. I personally don't listen to talk radio. I listen to Sirius radio most often tuned to Willie's Roadhouse (Willie Nelson's program).

As I said, I make very good use of the Internet in accessing the broad range of information and views available out there on whatever the current socio/political issue is. It is from those diverse information sources that I arrived at my views about progressive/socialists. I've observed nothing at those sites that would change my views in that regard. If you care to visit some of those yourself, feel free to visit the Democratic Underground, Daily Kos, or any number of others that will be "linked" from those sites. Enjoy.


Ronald Hamric 3 years, 12 months ago

Mr. Jones, On this point "What I (sometimes) think you fail to understand is that I would give the same "freedom" and "right of belief" to a Hindu, or Buddhist, or (yes, even) Muslim. AND to the unbelievers as well. They also have the right to NOT in this Country." As would I. What many seldom appreciate, is the broad range of "religious affiliation" or absence thereof, that existed within the ranks of this nation's "Founding Fathers". That they each held diverse and often dipolar religious beliefs was I believe, whether it was purposeful on their part or not, reflective of their desire to make certain that every faith (or no faith) had a "seat at the table of the new country they were tasked with helping launch. Most of us were taught that the folks on the Mayflower were themselves seeking a place they could freely practice their own religious beliefs which were in conflict with the Church of England. If one can believe the writings of those that penned the Constitution and Bill of Rights,to establish in law freedom of religion was of primary importance. So, on that we all agree.

I came to my "faith" late in life. I am now 70 and have been exposed to many levels of education, experience, and simple observation over all those years. Where I am at at this point in my life is a culmination of all that experience. It strongly shapes my world view. It fits me and I am very comfortable with it, but would never entertain forcing my faith onto any other person. I will leave that between them and their own conscience.


Ronald Hamric 3 years, 12 months ago

As you so wisely noted in another post , we probably agree on more than we know. You enjoy the weekend as well.


Mike White 3 years, 11 months ago

Have the people behind this Transition Town initiative disavowed any links with or support of and by the U.N.'s Agenda 21? People should be very wary of any programs that push for re-wilding, "sustainable growth", restrictions on new homes (size and number) and businesses, punitive business start-up taxes and fees, over-doing bike lanes, restrictions on public land access, federal govt owing of land, etc.

Can the leaders of the Transition Town start-up here in Payson defend their positions and goals in public in front of groups that question the wisdom of Agenda 21?


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