Council Makes Move To Beautify Star Valley


The Star Valley Town Council is inviting residents and all interested parties to volunteer for a new beautification committee.

Councilor George Binney suggested a beautification plan: drill holes along Highway 260 in Star Valley and plant native trees that would not need watering after the first two years.

Town manager Tim Grier suggested the council authorize the creation of a committee of volunteers who would report to him. He said if the council made the appointments and heard the reports, the committee would fall under the open meeting laws, requiring agendas to be posted and formal minutes. To help with the workload of the town’s small staff, the committee of volunteers would be more efficient.

“I’m enthusiastic about this because we have had so many groups who have done work and not seen their projects completed because of price tag. This one could be affordable and attainable,” Grier said.

He added that the committee could investigate a number of grants available to fund the work.

The council was as enthusiastic as Grier, with Barbara Hartwell volunteering to be on the committee and Patti Henderson suggesting bringing in the Xeriscape Council to help.

Any Star Valley resident interested in volunteering for the committee, along with anyone in neighboring communities, is invited to sign up at the town hall or call (928) 472-7752.


Pat Randall 3 years, 11 months ago

Tim, do you really think this is a good idea? Sounds like another Payson Main st. plan. What happened to the benches, tubs of flowers etc in Payson to beautify Main? Look at the Pioneer park on McLane and Main. A lot of money for nothing to attract anyone to it.


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