Immigration: Treat The Problem At Its Source



So many issues, so little space. Here is just one of them:

Illegal Immigration — Any discussion about immigration should include an appeal, or better yet, a requirement, of the Mexican government to improve the living conditions of their own citizens. Mexico has as many or more natural resources as the United States per square mile. We actually import oil and agricultural products from them. They have gold and silver in abundance, but somehow fail to share the profits with their own people. There is a huge divide between the haves and the have nots, yet they require nothing from their millionaires.

Emigration is the Mexican government’s way of caring for their poor. Are there any rich immigrants crossing our southern border?

The American taxpayer continues to subsidize the immigrants that sneak into our country. I realize that not all immigrants are Mexicans, but that is another larger issue. Mr. Obama showed much support for this system because it endeared him to the “Latino” voters. How long can U.S. taxpayers afford to pay for what could be an unending flow of immigrants? Why not treat the problem at its source?

One can’t blame the immigrants for wanting to come here and the Mexican government is happy to see them go since they don’t feel any urgency to provide a better life for them in Mexico.

Our government needs to offer advice and suggestions on ways Mexico could improve its economy and environment. Education for their poor would be a good start. I know that many of our politicians think that offering money would be the answer, but we all know where that money would go. Instead our administration showed their wonderful negotiating and speaking skills.

Robert Apodaca


don evans 3 years, 11 months ago

Impose and Enforce reduced immigration quota's. Instead of gardners and car washers, scientists, doctors, only etc.


Ronald Hamric 3 years, 11 months ago

So what shall we call a person who breaks into the "home" of another and takes for themselves things that another rightfully owns? I know what the US criminal code calls such a person and just what the penalties are. I know that these people are simply trying to better their lot in life, but is that not the same motive a thief or burglar has? Simply trying to improve on their lot in life. We have to find a solution for the millions who are simply doing what most any one of us would do in similar circumstances. Most are not by nature, criminals. Their plight simply causes them to be looked upon as one. I'm not sure the United States can exercise any influence on Mexico to change it's culture. And that is precisely what it will take. That is a very difficult and awkward undertaking. Imagine were the shoe on the other foot, how Americans would respond to such a recommendation from Mexico. The two countries will have to work together to resolve the plight of these people and I simply don't see equal effort being exercised on the part of Mexico, and for obvious reasons. $$$$$$$$


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