The World’S Best Salesmen



The gun industry and their mouthpiece in this country, the NRA, are the world’s best salesmen.

After the Sandy Hook massacre, the Aurora theater shooting, Sikh temple massacre, Columbine school shooting and all the gun violence before and after, we all somehow became convinced that stuffing the biblical camel through the eye of the biblical needle would be easier than passing sensible gun control legislation on a national level in America.

That, my friends, is salesmanship.

All the gun lobby does is bellow about freedom, about the Constitution, about preserving the ability to defend oneself against the onset of an intrusive, tyrannical government.

I think the real problem gun manufacturers face is an inability to build planned obsolescence into their products. Unlike other instruments with moving parts, a gun can continue to shoot for a very, very long time. Hence, for gun manufacturers to remain profitable, the number of firearms in society and their lethality must continually increase if for no other reason than to encourage new purchases.

There it is. The root of the problem.

The NRA and the gun lobby in general getting into bed with the far right, all the shouting about freedom and the Second Amendment, is just window-dressing to the gun-makers. They don’t believe that baloney; they just use it to sell their products, because unlike a car or a blender, their products pretty much last forever.

For the gun-makers, it’s about creating enough fear and making the product they produce deadly enough to purchase over and over and over again. That’s the only way they will be able to stay in business. Period. End of story.

We’re going to hear a great deal of insane noise now that debate over guns in America has been fully engaged. Don’t ever forget, no matter the rhetoric that gets wrapped up in this argument, that this is about the ability to sell guns. This isn’t about freedom or the Constitution or anything else for the gun-makers and their friends.

It’s a sales pitch, and nothing more.

Larry Brophy


don evans 3 years, 12 months ago

The tyrannical, intrusive, and corrupt government is here now. And it's populated with people who think like you. So stand by. "Molon Labe", look it up.


Ronald Hamric 3 years, 12 months ago

As one of the 4.5 million NRA members, I can honestly say I care little about gun manufacturers success or failure. I belong to the NRA simply because it represents my views against people with eutopian world views such as yours. In the absense of the NRA and like organizations, we would have lost our rights decades ago and be more reflective of the "subjects" of Great Britain and Australia rather than citizens of a Constitutional Republic. As one who spent 29 years in public safety on the streets of Southern California, I personally witnessed the interaction between the predator element and the prey element of our society. On the chance that any person or persons would threaten my ability/right to protect myself or those I care about, not a "government alloted right" but an inalienable right, I choose to belong to an organization whose primary purpose for even existing, is to protect that right from encraochment by individuals or governments. If you choose to be a victim in waiting who places their safety and welfare in the hands of others, that is your choice.I spent a career responding to the calls for help of people such as that. I personally choose otherwise and neither you nor anyone else has a right to dictate my choice. You have a better chance of being harmed by someone's hands, a hammer. or baseball bat than you do by those millions of firearms in the hands of law abiding Americans. That your fellow citizens ownership of such lethal potential frightens you to the point you are willing to sacrifice any small part of your or their freedoms, speaks volumes. You have my sympaties.


ALLAN SIMS 3 years, 12 months ago

In reading the original article it is amazing what a disconnect some people have with reality.

Unlike Mr. Hamric (He is correct in every aspect of what he said, BTW), I do greatly wish to see the gun manufacturers succeed.

First, to ensure that guns are available to meet the great demand. Go into any gun store and you will see empty shelves. And, the salesmanship isn't that of the NRA, but Obama and Fienstein who are guaranteeing the huge increase in the demand for guns. People fear the government, and want to defend themselves against it. Most aren't members of the NRA. I'm not.

Second, it is one segment of the economy that is booming. The only other sector is the growth in government employees who are paid 30% more than their civilian counterparts.


Ronald Hamric 3 years, 12 months ago

Not bleating at all Mr. Jones, Like you I am simply expressing my views. Do you have a problem with people who hold views contrary to yours? If so, you may want to read that Constitution thing again and this time pay particular attention to the first two amendments. Life has far from dealt me a bitter hand. Quite the contrary, I have been literally blessed to have had a very rewarding career, served my country in the military, raised my daughter to be a responsible citizen, and am now comfortably retired in one of the finest areas in the nation. And whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, we both live in the same world, the one God made. As to how we collectivly get along in that world is at the crux of all these disagreements. And yes, I also pray for the most recent generations and especially the ones to follow. They will inherit a nation far, far different from that in which I was blessed to grow up in and live. Some day in the future they will look back on us and wonder why we didn't fight harder to maintain the same world we had. They will most likely be angry with us and rightfully so.

And a final point. That NRA you appear to think is some evil organization, is simply defending the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. An effort that so many of our Leftist politicians disdain in spite of the fact they each took an oath to "Protect and defend the Consitution of the United States". ALL of IT! Not just those parts they agree with.


Dan Haapala 3 years, 12 months ago

I'm sorry that no one seems to have gotten the message. This current fight is not about guns...It's about control. Our founding fathers wanted the people to be in control and not the Central government. That meant we told them what was to be done and didn't mean them telling us what was to be done. Along the way the message got mixed up but one of the safe guards of that rule was the Second Ammendment to the Constitution. It very clearly states that the people are in charge and are guaranteed that they remain so because they have the ability to rebuke an offensive Central government by means of force. Read that as "Arms"

The libs can spin this any way they want but true Americans will never allow the Constitution to die at the hands of those who would tell us how to live life and take away our God given freedom.


Nancy Volz 3 years, 12 months ago

"true Americans will never allow the Constitution to die at the hands of those who would tell us how to live life and take away our God given freedom"

First of all, I keep reading and hearing about "true Americans" but no one ever adequately explains or describes them.
Actually, it isn't a God given freedom. The Constitution was written by men. What your President did by executive order - so far - is not unconstituional. Although what might try to be passed by Congress may be unconstitutional. That is not just my opinion. that is fact. That said, NO ONE is trying to take away the 2nd amendment or the right to have guns. You may interpret what is happening that way, but that is not what is going on.

"we both live in the same world, the one God made" Not everyone believes in the same God, perhaps we don't live in the same world?!


don evans 3 years, 12 months ago

Enough useless talk with the we are the world socialists. A famous historical quote for them, "to arms, to arms, the beguiled are coming!" White Western European males established this nation and the principals of a free Republic. And they acknowledged that those principals were inspired by God and the Judeo Christian Bible. Not the Koran, not Buddah, not new age crystal worshipers. A fact. Now get over it.


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