Town Government Operating Behind Closed Doors



The Payson Town Council has started the process to raise taxes on all of the citizens of Payson ... a tax increase that will be permanent regardless of what you are told. Government is a failed institution, however, as long as man is what man is, it is a necessary institution ... but, because it is a failed institution we should push for as little as possible.

There is never a time when any level of government needs additional taxes, they will simply spend it and look for more ... it is easier than making the real decisions.

They will always tell you it is a small amount and that if it is not approved the world as we know it will cease, or they may even drag out the “temporary tax” cloud.

If the nasty citizens raise objections they will be told of all their popular programs that have to be cut ... we will not be able to fix your road, football will be cut, etc. Sadly, today it is easier for a politician to vote for a tax increase than vote against it, which is the slippery slope to destruction.

Just recently the council voted to sell water to the golf courses at what appears to be a discount rate ... this was a major decision that should have received a lot of citizen input but did not.

A couple of years ago the council approved 70-foot tall buildings, a decision that has the potential of changing the total landscape of Payson and could threaten the long term water plan, but, when a citizen asked for their reasoning she was, in essence, told it was none of her business.

Our town government has basically gone behind closed doors over the last few years with the college misdirection, the building height change, the pipeline funding changes and the sale of water. These changes are potentially harmful but are already made, however, they are providing the opportunity to give the citizens input on the tax, an opportunity that should be taken.

Bob Edwards


don evans 3 years, 6 months ago

I saw the large Water Tanker Truck still delivering Payson Municipal Water to Mesa Del today 7-2-2013. So it is obvious the sale of Payson Town Municipal water that has been going on since 2010 is still occurring. This sale of our public water goes to a private water company. No public notice or discussion was given for this sale that I have yet to discover. No disclosure of the rate (discount?) the Town is selling the water, or how much water since 2010. More behind closed doors Town operations as you have mentioned above. Thanks for the heads up on the forthcoming tax increases.


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